R.I.P. James Avery (Uncle Phil)

R.I.P. James Avery

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Miley CyRugrats

Miley CyRugrats

Awesome Similarities Between Breaking Bad and Pinky and the Brain!

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Once Upon A Time, A Few Mistakes Ago…

Now I'm Lion On The Cold, Hard Ground

Wolverine or Two Batmans?

Wolverine or Batmans?
Which one is it?

Toy Story + The Walking Dead = Zombie Loving 90s Kids’ Dream Come True

Toy Story + The Walking Dead = Zombie Loving 90s Kids' Dream Come True
Things like this are why we love the Internet. Recently many folks online have pointed out similarities between AMC’s The Walking Dead and beloved 90s classic, Toy Story. My personal favorite is the undeniable resemblance between Lotso the a-hole bear, and The Governor. Check out this video below, which is only about 42 seconds minus the credits, but still so, so very fantastic.


#119 Doug Funnie And Mr. Simmons Are Basically The Same Dude

Things 90s Kids Realize

For those foggy on Mr. Simmons, let’s jog your memory and get you up to speed.
He was a teacher on Hey Arnold and, as the picture makes evident, he was essentially an adult version of Doug Funnie. Does anybody remember this moment shown below? It features Simmons nearly dropping an F-Bomb which we probably didn’t even think twice about as kids:

Donning those classic green sweater vests with a white shirt underneath — these two resemble a father and son coordinating outfits for the family portrait. It makes one wonder, was this intentional or were the cartoonists at Nickelodeon simply lazy about drawing out new wardrobes? Whatever the case may be, it’s hard to see one without thinking of the other in the back of your mind, because the resemblance is fu…fudging uncanny.