#2 TGIF Was The Bees Knees

TGIF’s 1995 lineup of Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Step By Step & Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper was marvelous (Dinosaurs was also in there at some point). Never again will a late night schedule be good enough to keep you home on a Friday night. I believe this is why so many of us get slammered drunk on Friday nights. As a coping mechanism to block out memories of the greatness that used to be Friday evenings. I’ve tried to stay in and watch the malarkey that comes on currently  and all I can say is… Stay thirsty, my friends.


17 responses to “#2 TGIF Was The Bees Knees

  1. Those were great friday night shows…….times when you were a young kid or even a teenager you wouldnt mind staying home on a Friday night and hanging out with your parents. Our children now dont know what good television shows are

  2. I remember those days fondly, I’d countdown the hours for it to start then right before it did I’d build intricate pillow forts for me and my little sister! Some of my fondest memories were on those Friday nights 🙂 I miss those shows, I just wish they didn’t end up making Eric from “Boy Meets World” so stupid in the end!

    • It’s true! Eric was so hot in the first few seasons and then he just got dumber and dumber. I think it must have been a closed head injury or something

    • No, you are just so wrong I can’t handle it, stupid Eric is the best thing that happened to the series, he was so funny I have trouble understanding how people watched the show pre highscool.

  3. Muscular Beaver

    When TGIF had its 3D shows, that was ridiculous. My friends and I had a party specifically to watch that, then played Star Fox and WaveRacer 64 for the rest of the night.

  4. I miss TGIF! I lived for Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Boy Meets World. I know Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Eric so well it’s unreal. I cried like a baby when Shawn’s dad died. I even remember a couple shows that kinda flopped. Anyone remember Teen Angel? Man, back then if you missed TGIF you had nothing o talk about at school on Monday.

    • I was JUST going to say, Teen Angel!! I thought no one knew about that show. Every time I tell someone they think I’m lying. Also “You Wish,” with the genie who would only grant the mom wishes because she unrolled the carpet he was in.

      • You two have validate a small chunk of my life. I swear we may be the only people alive who remember this show ever existed. I loved it personally.

  5. Ooooh, I remember this! At least one of my sisters, my mother and I would watch this pretty much religiously, especially Full House. It was the best way to spend a Friday night, at least to my eight or nine-year-old mind. And everyone at school would be talking about it come Monday morning. I remember being soooo boggled when they changed Full House’s time slot to Tuesdays. And yes, I remember Teen Angel and You Wish, but vaguely. I can hear the Teen Angel music in my head, though.

    Anybody else remember Moo Mesa? Yeesh.

  6. My friends and I watched TGIF religiously, it was like a party every week. Also, I learned a ton from watching 20/20 after TGIF ended basically every Friday of my childhood.

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  8. i always thought Dinosaurs and Family Matters was the same show for a while because the dads looked the same lol

  9. So who has taken over Nickelodeon? Does anyone know? It seriously sucks! They still show a few good old cartoons but not many.

  10. I preferred earlier line up with Just the Ten of Us…fav show

  11. I loved TGIF! The 90’s were a time when tv was worth staying how to watch on Friday night and it was worth waking up early to catch Saturday cartoons still! Boy Meets World brings back many fond memories….. as do all the other TGIF shows……

  12. TGIF was alright but I like Up All Night with Rhonda Shear on USA more

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