#3 Video Games Have Made Ninja Turtles Ice Cream A Rarity.

Remember that amazing Ninja Turtles ice cream bar with the bubble gum eyes? Well, you’ll be lucky to taste this deliciousness again. Why? Because the little fatties in the new generation don’t go outdoors and play, they sit inside on their Xbox 360s and PS3s rendering the ice cream man useless. If anyone knows of a way to get these Ninja Turtles bars other than an ice cream man, please do share that information with the public.


33 responses to “#3 Video Games Have Made Ninja Turtles Ice Cream A Rarity.

  1. This is a shame. I would love to have some Army of Two Rios & Salem popsicles right about now…

  2. I do know for a fact that you can probably find these. I saw some not to long ago. They are probably repackaged by now for the “other” more recent turtle show.

    What I loved the most was the Turtle Pudding Pies and Turtle Cereal. I actually bought a full box of the cereal about a month ago to go in my Turtle collection. Oh how times have changed.


    • AndherestheJ:
      “I do know for a fact that you can probably find these.”

      Wow, great thought. “I’m 100% absolutely sure that you could maybe find these, but I’m not positive”… Very intelligent.


  3. Could’ve sworn I saw these as an option on the side of the ice cream truck this past summer…either that, or it’s the same thing in a different shape (Tweety, Bugs Bunny, Alien, The Mask, Hello Kitty, etc).

    There’s a place in Muskegon, Michigan called Frosty Cove that carries the same type of frozen confection.

  4. My fiance had one when we were visiting the Smithsonian this past summer! They had tons of carts in and around the national mall.

  5. I had one this summer from an ice-cream truck. My three year old wasted his, though, as he just wanted to play with it.

    They still exist, and they’re every bit as awesome tasting as they used to be.

  6. They still sell these in inner-city areas in LA.

    I should know, I am from one. 🙂

  7. Blue bunny still sells them, you’d have to check to see if they distribute to your local grocery stores but I’m positive that they are still on the market. They can be bought online in 12 ct. boxes for 8 dollars. Most definitely worth it. 🙂

  8. had one from the ice cream man last month! amazing

  9. had one last week from the ice cream man! we were washing our cars!

  10. you can get them! maybe not turtle ones, but bugs bunny and tweety

  11. Turtle pies, so much better.

  12. ahahaaaa theres an icecream man at my school at lunch every day so I boughtone of these a couple weeks ago cuz it sounded really tempting

  13. We always had these for the kids at my summer camp. I don’t know for sure who decided to get them from the distributor, but they did, and our freezer always, always had them. The counselors and myself hated them, but the kids could eat them like none other. This was two and three years ago. It probably doesn’t help that the camp was some 30 miles from the Blue Bunny headquarters, so I’m sure we got the old ones that didn’t sell for virtually nothing.

  14. I REMEMBER THESE!!! I would beg my parents for these when the ice cream man came by because they eyes were BUBBLEGUM!!! Apparently, I was a very easy to please 6 year old.

  15. Do you live anywhere around a major city? Because I know that at least in Chicago, if you find one of those (probably) illegal street vendors walking/biking around with their little ice cream carts, they’ll have a Spiderman ice cream that’s the exact same thing, just different colors. Some ice cream trucks still carry them too. (The Spiderman ones are my still favorite ice cream in the summer).

  16. Actually, ice cream trucks drive all over this one part of town that has a park my brother’s soccer league plays at. They’ve ultimately switched TMNT ones for Spongebob though, still tastes the same though.

  17. Oh, I remember those!
    I believe there were also Gengar and Pikachu ones too, IIRC.

  18. You can order them and have them shipped to you from this website if you can fax an order!

  19. all I have to say is, SLIMER ICE CREAM. Now that’s a something you’ll never find again. Turtles were awesome and you can still grab one if you’re lucky enough to find a ice cream man, but there was just something about soft serve with green goo on top that made my day. I believe these were from ’90-’91 at Hardee’s/Carl Jr.

  20. I’ve noticed too that ice-cream trucks are becoming a rarity. During Summertime you’ll maybe see one every other week; they most just have concession stands at pools and whatever nowdays.

    I remember when I was younger it was the greatest feeling in the world to hear that jingle. Half the fun was just seeing who could hustle money off their parents and make it to the truck before your buddies did. The Mickey Mouse ones were also kick ass and there was a Red Ranger head one that – I swear to God – left permanent stains in clothing.

  21. The Ice cream man still comes to my neighborhood but he sells looney tunes and spongebob ones haha! I remember getting a powerpuff girl one when I was little

  22. Go to DC. I always get some of the old school 90’s ice cream from the ice cream truck.

  23. The ice cream truck.

  24. The ice cream truck’s days are numbered. Sadly soon kids may not know what an ice cream truck is and Ninja Turtle ice cream (and that entire era) may be gone forever then….. Video games have also closed many arcades as well because they all have video game consoles at home now.

  25. The ice cream truck in my neighborhood still sells these. I had one a few weeks ago.

  26. Anyone know where you might find these in Canada?!?

  27. http://www.circusicecream.com/icecream.html 12ct. $9.00 and that’s the power of google

  28. According to the maker, Blue Bunny, they are still in production, but sold exclusively to Ice Cream Truck vendors.

  29. I don’t remember these, but I do remember the frozen Starburst bars. Anyone know what happened to those?

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