#5 The Pink Ranger Was Hot, But The Green Ranger Was Hitting That.

The Pink Ranger was a popular one amongst young male Power Rangers fans. Many claim she was their first crush and it probably had something to do with her being the girly gymnast, who could totally kick ass as well. Her “hiii-ya!” sound made after every karate chop teetered on the fine line between cute and annoying, but overall she won the hearts of many. Unfortunately, the Green Ranger was definitely her love interest. Don’t believe me? Watch the episodes now, you can cut the sexual tension with a knife — or Dragon Sword.


17 responses to “#5 The Pink Ranger Was Hot, But The Green Ranger Was Hitting That.

  1. Amy Jo Johnson was indeed hot! I remember the episodes too, the green ranger was my favorite by far.

  2. you are totally right. I must say I was in denial for a while though because red is my favorite color there fore my favorite ranger then I saw the episode where Kimberly kissed Tommy and I was an instant green ranger in the school yard

  3. Did anyone ever see the porn parody of that show?

  4. Again, not something I wanted to think about… although, I always hated the pink ranger. Perhaps it was jealousy? haha.

  5. The pink ranger actually did bump uglies (with pretty vivid detail) in Without Limits, the Steve Prefontaine movie. Confirmed every thought i ever had about her

  6. I was so mad when she sent Tommy the “Dear John” letter.

  7. I was in love with Tommy, I thought he was the cutest ever!

  8. The original red ranger ended up doing gay porn.

  9. I used to watch the show when getting dressed for kindergarten. I used to think the people in the tv could see me (I was five) and if the pink ranger came onto the screen while I was changing I’d get embarrassed and freak out.

  10. Except they ruined that when Kim left and Kat joined the team. Then they “Dear John”-ed Kim out of existence, aside from the godawful Turbo movie.

  11. I thought this was part of the story? Weren’t they dating for a while in the show?

  12. Tommy was the biggest badass on the entire history of the Power Rangers. He was cool because he started off as a bad guy but then turned good, which made him an anti-hero. You rooted for him but he had an evil side. Plus he always made the funniest noises when he fought, “Hyuh-hyuh-HEEEAH!!!”

    Pink Ranger was a cutie. The Red Rangers was like Cyclops from the X-Men, a boyscout douche nobody liked. The Black Ranger was a generic black dude and I only remember the Yellow Rangers speaking like twice, so I can’t say nothing about her.

    And the Blue Ranger was a nerdy pussy who you knew nobody liked, because his toys were the only ones you’d find on toy shelves back when the show was hot.

  13. I would have thought the Red Ranger, because there have been certain moments in episodes where they were Flirting. Was Kimberly a playa? 😉

  14. Amy Jo is actually still hot & is on a show called ‘flashpoint’ now. 🙂

  15. Jason was too uptight. Tommy was da bomb diggity greatest power ranger ever! Trini was cool but didn’t get enough character development or time to shine in the spotlight. Zack was awesome but he was again underdeveloped character wise and didn’t get enough time in the spotlight. Kimberly was awesome and fun. Billy was gay (literally) and everyone’s least favorite oriinl powr rnger.

  16. The Pink Ranger was kind of easy. I’m pretty sure every color was “hitting that” at one time or another, female Rangers included.

  17. I’m going to sound like such a nerd for saying this, but there was nothing on the show called a “Dragon Sword”. The Evil Green Ranger had the Sword of Darkness, but it was a preexisting weapon that was magically bound to Tommy to keep him under Rita’s spell. The Sword of Darkness was later destroyed by Jason’s Blade Blaster in gun mode, of all things. The only bladed weapon that was specifically made for the Green Ranger was the Dragon Dagger, which allowed him to summon and control his Dragonzord. There was one other sword that was associated with the Green Ranger, but only very loosely: Jason’s Power Sword. When Jason would use Tommy’s weakened Power Coin to become the Red Dragon Ranger for a boost of power, he would fight with both his Power Sword and Tommy’s Dragon Dagger.

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