#6 Cory & Topanga’s Relationship Is Better Than Yours.

Contrary to popular belief, Boy Meets World is not a documentary and Cory and Topanga’s relationship is a one of a kind, rarer than rare connection that real life couples shouldn’t try comparing themselves to. Don’t worry, it’s simply unattainable — that is, unless you have a mentor with the wisdom of Mr. Feeny to assist you through all of life’s difficult times. On another note, has anyone seen the actress that plays Topanga lately? She’s ridiculously hot these days.


13 responses to “#6 Cory & Topanga’s Relationship Is Better Than Yours.

  1. she has her own show on the Style network called The Dish

  2. yeah she’s smoking hot these dayz

  3. The girl from the ski lodge that he went out with when he hurt his leg was way hotter.

  4. And more to that, I’d try not to latch onto the whole “well, my long-term girlfriend dumped me, but Cory had faith and never gave up and in the end he ended up with Topanga because of his perseverance.” In real life he would have pushed her away more by doing that, she would have gotten a restraining order, or he would have never been able to get over her, and we would have been mopey about her for the next few years.

  5. Dude! She has her own porno site!
    Just thought id share

  6. they are the aboslute perfect couple.

  7. Oh my goodness, this show always gave me the major warm fuzzies. So much love and nostalgia, here. I actually used a Boy Meets World snippet in an improv sketch growing up! It was a scene from the murder mystery episode, which is my favorite to this day, and the guy I was acting opposite caught the reference! He turned to me after we were offstage and said, “Boy Meets World, last night.” And I was like, “Yup.” *beams*

    Here’s something else incredibly cool. I didn’t realize until years later, as I was a little young to equate one with the other, but Mr. Feeny was also Kitt Knight! I almost fell over when I twigged. Excellent on both counts, sir.

  8. One of my favorites, as with most of us 90’s kids. Shawn was my favorite (Ryder Strong was a cutie) I wish they’d put the series on Netflix instant streaming, along with all the Wonder Years episodes. I LOVED both dearly!

  9. Topanga was hot as hell. And I’ve seen some recent pictures of her and shes a little chunkier, but still a major babe. I’m glad that the 90s are far away, but not far away enough where you look back and everybody now days looks worse.

    It’ll be a sad day when I see the Olsen Twins in wheelchairs at 80-years old.

  10. Totally went about 3/4 of the tapings of season 6. Met pretty much everyone except Danielle Fishel – she’d always leave set as soon as her parts were up. The show’s producer, Michael Jacobs, is a great guy.

  11. I remember always wondering what kind of name was “Topanga” lol it always sounded like tangerine. But it was a great show I loved how the actors grew up w/ it like Saved By the Bell and Full House.

  12. There relationship was better because it was fake. That’s the problem nowadays. These girls watch shows and see these fake relationships and then wonder why there own relationship isn’t just as perfect. Real relationships have ups and downs and take nurturing.

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