#11 Oregon Trail Was The Best Part Of Elementary School.

Give me an ox, some sunflower seeds, a Gatorade and a box of band-aids and I can trot the entire freakin’ globe. Why? Because I played Oregon Trail and it literally taught me everything there is to know about 19th century pioneer traveling. That’s right, I’m a certified expert. A lot of kids today can’t even walk two blocks without their cell phone.


26 responses to “#11 Oregon Trail Was The Best Part Of Elementary School.

  1. I always died of dysentary.

  2. Def. the best part of school, this and Carmen San Diego. I always died before I ever made it to Oregon though. However I downloaded it a few years ago and beat the game in like 10 minutes. It wasn’t that easy when I was in schooL!


  4. I legit didn’t know it was possible to beat this game until my best friend told me they did a few times. She told me in 2008

  5. I personally preferred KidPixx and Sim City. I always sucked at Oregon Trail.

  6. I was pretty much going to say the same thing that Odd Ball said – Oregon Trail is a great memory. My favorite part was hunting 🙂

  7. Yeah hunting was fun; until all the game in the area became scarce. Kidpix was the shit. Im pretty convinced that the creators of photoshop basically ripped off kidpix.

  8. I played Number/Word Munchers, Nanosaur, and Bugdom (oh goodness, Bugdom…:D).

  9. Did anyone else ever shoot a ton of animals and use up all your bullets only to remember that you couldn’t carry all the meat back? The animal shooting spree got me every time!

  10. I actually just got the most recent version for Christmas last year. Which isn’t saying much, considering the most recent version was made in the early 2000s. BUT I remember first playing this game, not in the format of the fancy picture at the beginning, but when everything was GREEN on those giant floppy disks on Apple computers during elementary school.

  11. I’ve played both versions of Oregon Trail, the oooold one on the giant floppy discs with the iffy sound and the new CD Rom version. So. much. fun. My sisters and I still play sometimes, and the youngest of us is 20.

  12. librarianistaalex

    Please enjoy playing the classic version again:


  13. I had Oregon trail for the ipohone. And yes. I paid for it. But my favorite game was Yukon trail. You traveled to california for the gd rush and then panned for gold

  14. Great game. But who remembers Odell Lake!?! That was my shit!

  15. Hell yes! Odell Lake was the go-to game if you were sick of the trail. Deep escape!

  16. Oregon Trail Speed Run. Nuff said.

  17. I always died… =( haha still was fun. That and Zoombinis, though that might have been very early 2000’s…. I don’t remember.

  18. I was really good me and my hubby we were talking about this.

  19. Ah….they came on those 5 in floppy disk and when you were done you’d press the release button and it would come flying out at you. Those were the days. And I forgot about Kid Pixx…….now I know why I love drawing!! So freaking awesome!!!! Oregon Trail, SimCity and Kid Pixx….best computer games ever

  20. YES, we played this in computer class in school all the time.

  21. I actually played the old version of this on an Apple IIe back in the mid 1980s.

  22. I screen printed an Oregon Trail Tshirt in college, wore it almost every day. Not a single person knew what the hell it was, and when my girlfriend and I broke up, she made fun of me for wearing it so much. Disappointment was never so real T_T

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