#12 You Can’t Beat Us At Mortal Kombat.

If you grew up in the 90‘s, surely you played & mastered Mortal Kombat. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I was a fierce competitor and tough match-up when it came to this game. Kids today have fighting games with nice graphics and fancy controls, which is cool BUT I could kick your ass with 4 buttons and an arrow pad — no control sticks necessary. Now-a-day I see a lot of button mashers prosper and it’s really rasps my berries.


12 responses to “#12 You Can’t Beat Us At Mortal Kombat.

  1. MK II was my favorite.

  2. It was a badass game thats for sure, but besides the uppercut into acid or onto spikes i dont know anyone who knew how to do all those other fatalities…except for the game itself and thats why i call bullshit

  3. Street fighter was better

    • Street Fighter was king for me too, but, I played both. Me and my dad would play MK before I went to school xD too weird, screw breakfast, let’s play video games instead! Then Wednesday nights it was all about Street Fighter… my mom became religious and those were the only times she wasn’t around v.v

  4. MK is the best fighter ever, SF same shit and milks far too many crossovers….

    MK at least offers newer modes, cool storyline and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty! 🙂

    MK forever and ever!!!!!!!!! MK is the best

  5. This. This aaaaaaaaaalllll day. I can’t express how many hours i spent playing those first three games. I tried playing the latest ones. I really did. But it will just never beat the originals.

  6. what interested me in the games were the different colored ninjas with their own set of special moves! I think it was because I was so into Power Rangers lol

  7. MK 3 is the only video game that I can still beat my nephews. I like flawless victory!

  8. street fighter > Mortal Kombat

  9. Old video games are better than new. 8-32 bit graphics ftw.

  10. AHHHHHH!!!! NOOO! Cmon guys, How can you talk about Mortal Kombat but not mention TEKKEN! I personally like Tekken better (Yah im in the minority there, but still)… I loved Tekken Tag Tournement, Tekken 2, 3, and 4. After 4 well, it wasn’t as good (Mind you the graphics were way fkn better)… Mortal Kombat was cool, but Imma stick with my Tekken. Hworang, Baek, and Eddy were my favorite – because of the martial arts they used (Tae-Kwon-Do for the first two; Capoira [sp?… kuh-pware-uh] for Eddy).

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