#13 LA Gear Made The Sweetest Sneakers. Ever.

The shoes lit up. THEY F****** LIT UP! As a kid, if something lights up and it’s not a lamp, it’s automatically labeled cool. I remember feeling like a bad ass at recess, not because I had great confidence, but because my shoes had lights in ’em which made me better than you. Unless someone invents a shoe that dispenses ice cream sandwiches and plays Bob Marley every time you take a step — the LA Lights shoes will be second to none.


17 responses to “#13 LA Gear Made The Sweetest Sneakers. Ever.

  1. I had forgotten about these shoes, they were pretty cool back in the day.

  2. I remember telling my mother that if I didn’t have the light up LA Gear sneakers my life would be over. I felt so awesome being able to see where my feet were in the dark.

  3. I had a black pair with the red lights back in early 1990s, i was the first in my school to have a pair and i got pulled aside by my teacher during PE so he could look at my trainers!!! Yes i was that cool even back in the day lol

  4. Heeeell yeah! Payless was the ish place at one time lol especially the sneakers with little lights in the center of the flowers 😀

  5. I dunno… pumps were more popular in my elementary school, LoL. But, light-ups were pretty sweet. 😉

  6. anyone remember those sneakers with the decorative goo on the sides? always wanted a pair, but like the Talking Simba, never got one. i think i even got in trouble for poking at someone else’s shoes, just because i COULD NOT RESIST.

  7. I had both the LA Lights and the Reebok Pumps but I always wanted them to combine the 2 ideas to make the ultimate 90s sneakers. Alas, they never were crafty enough to create them though.

    The problem with the LA Lights is eventually like maybe after a month the batteries for the lights would die leaving you with normal crappy sneakers again.

  8. I saw a woman wearing LA Lights a couple weeks ago. A grown woman… But they were kinda hawt

  9. Awesome, unless your mom washes them and puts them in the drier. DANGIT, MOM.

  10. I had those in first grade, and I remember sitting in story time slapping my shoe because something shorted out and they were lit up ALL. THE. TIME. for like a week those puppies wouldn’t turn off! Then, alas, the fire burned out and I was left with a normal pair of shoes again.

  11. Check out LAgear.com They sell em in adult sizes now. I have a pair. And they are awesome. Also better than any pick up line at the bars.

  12. My sister and I had matching LA Gear pink sandals that, of course, lit up. We were the envy of the school hahaha

  13. Yes. LA gear were the tots, and everybody knew it. I’d probably have a pair today had they not gone under. And we can’t forget that Karl Malone had a lucrative contract with this great shoe manufacturer.

  14. I love those shoes.

  15. When I was in kindergarten I had a pair of LA gears that changed color in the sun. A few years later I had my light ups WITH the springy shoelaces…I was the shit. (my friend tried to deny the existence and the awesomeness of light ups saying she was too old for them….we’re a year apart….I had my first pair when I was 8…I unfriended her on facebook)

  16. I had a pair in first grade that I loved and I cried when they quit lighting up.

  17. They were the absolute mother effing pinnacle of awesomeness! Unless you were wearing them while playing Hide n’ Seek at night, which was an unfortunate turn of events that resulted in an irremovable strip of duck tape adhesive on my sneakers. Needless to say, I was devastated.

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