#14 We’ve Already Seen The Greatest Game Show Ever.

Legends Of The Hidden Temple = Silver Snakes, big stone faces, a cool host (by 90’s standards) and sweet competitions which makes it a candidate for the greatest game show ever. I remember holding out hope that I would one day be a contestant on this joint buuuut unfortunately it was filed in my”Dreams Not Meant To Be” cabinet. Double Dare and Wild & Crazy Kids get honorable mention.


26 responses to “#14 We’ve Already Seen The Greatest Game Show Ever.

  1. Uh! I’d always get so mad when those kids couldn’t put the golden monkey together. It’s THREE pieces! It goes together the same way EVERY time! You’re on the show, don’t you think you’d have planned for this?!

    I wanted to be a Purple Barracuda soooo bad.

  2. LOL my best friend and I always thought the host had a thing for the young black girls – for some reason he was always hugging them a little too much… lol.

  3. OMG! I always got so mad about the kids who were nothing but epic fail at the monkey statue. They managed to get through the house/temple/obstacle course, but they couldn’t get the 3-piece monkey statue together! ARGH!

    I saw someone with a Blue Barracudas shirt last year, and about died over it. I asked if they were on the show. When they said they got it online, I was way more disappointed than I should’ve been.

  4. One of the guys at my college had a Blue Barracudas shirt, too, which was awesome, but I always thought like that team thought they were the best because they got to wear blue shirts and, let’s face it, almost everyone likes blue. The lamest were the Silver Snakes – not enough contrast on those shirts, people! haha.

  5. Can somebody tell me what the name of this show is? I loved this show back when I was a kid, but I was living in a third-world country, so I never knew how to pronounce the name 😛

  6. It was “Legends of the Hidden Temple” – they actually show reruns occasionally now. I was amazed by the fact that the prizes that seemed so cool to me then seem so lame now. I used to want to be on that SO bad. I always got frustrated with the monkey thing too – I mean, seriously?!

    Apparently you can buy almost any team shirt – http://www.templeshirts.com/

  7. This person my friend works with was on Legends of The Hidden Temple. I also live in Orlando so I semi-easily find people on these shows.

    Her name is Jennelle.

  8. Here’s something about Olmec that will blow your mind. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who has done voice work in countless other shows, movies and video games. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0048389/

    My favorites: Appa from Avatar: the Last Airbender and Gravemind from the Halo series.

  9. The show was rigged. The monsters always knew where the kids were.

  10. Did anyone else crap themselves whenever a temple guard came out?

  11. You didn’t have dreams of being on GUTS???

    For a “university games” even in college that had different schools competing against each other in things like dodgeball, I made my school’s shirts, which were hot pink and made to look like Wild N Crazy Kids shirts. Very awesome.

    • I was JUST about to say that. Guts was THE show I wanted to be on, that and Double Dare. I didn’t watch Legends of the Hidden Temple very often, for some reason

  12. My god I used to love this show. Thanks for bringing back old memories.

  13. I think they should bring this show back, but make it for adults. (like 20-30 year olds who watched this show as kids) Can you imagine how crazy and competitive that would be?!?!?! The prizes could either be awesome (new cars and the like) or ridiculous things from our past (like a sega game gear with like 10 games). I’d pay money to compete on Legends of the Hidden Temple…no joke.

  14. i go to ohio university and every year for the huge halloween takeover people dress up as if they are on a team from this show, it always makes me smile

  15. I wanted to be on this show so bad. I submitted for it but I was one of those luck chosen.

  16. I loved this show. I always looked forward to watching it. I wish I could watch it again.

  17. I take it back, I just watched this on youtube and it’s inCredible. i seriously can’t figure out why I didn’t watch this more often :X it looks like So much Fun! Nickelodeon PWNed Disney.. rePeatedly!

  18. Wasn’t this on Nick Gas? Anyone else remember Guts?

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