#15 Goosebumps Books Weren’t The Least Bit Scary.

Not once do I recall being even slightly scared by a Goosebumps book  — but I was always thoroughly entertained. The stories were even far fetched to me which speaks volumes because I had a stretchy imagination. Looking back I had zero testicular fortitude and I was scared of everything. Everything other than Goosebumps, that is.


39 responses to “#15 Goosebumps Books Weren’t The Least Bit Scary.

  1. the books sold because of the textured cover. simple.

  2. i had a LOT of these books growing up….i thought a few of them were kinda scary, but for the most part, they were more psychological thrillers….you know, for a ten year old.

    i’d love to see a write up on animorphs, i was hardcore more into those than goosebumps.

  3. The Haunted Mask one I found to be incredibly scary, and I had great testicular fortitude. So there, sir.

  4. Well now I feel pretty bad about my childhood self.

  5. The first one in the series “Welcome to Dead House” was actually kinda creepy.

    • I second that! That one was the scariest and second was it came from beneath the sink.. I cant remember any of the others being scary.

      • Same. I had just moved into a new, big house in a shady, tree-covered neighborhood when I read this book. For several weeks … or a few months … I honestly was under the impression that my neighbors were also zombie-like creatures akin to the characters in this book.

  6. Oh and “Attack of the Mutant” is the best one of all.

    (That’s right. I think I have pretty much the whole collection through #40 or something like that.)

  7. I think Camp Jelly Jam freaked me out and spawned a few nightmares

  8. Fear Street Saga.

    That’s all I’m gonna say.

  9. I loved Goosebumps, and out of all of them, I was only scared once… And that was the first book in the series. That book scarred me for life. I was never afraid of the dark or ghosts until I read that. Hell, I’m 24 now and I can still attribute to a few chills to that book.

  10. The best ones were “Reader Beware, You Choose the Scare!”

  11. Night of the Living Dummy was a little scary.
    but that may be because i’ve always been overly creeped out by ventriloquism.
    or maybe it’s why i’ve always been creeped out by ventriloquism…

  12. oh wow. i feel bad now. i was scared of them on more than a few occasions.

  13. And here I thought I was so hardcore because I would read them at bedtime. They were a little creepy, but The Haunted Mask II really sticks out. Never read either book, but I saw both videos and the second one scared the crap outa me!

    • Yes, I watched The Haunted Mask when I was 3 with my mom, right before bed. Wasn’t scared one bit but that night I had a nightmare that I remember 16 years later. Still have the VHS, haven’t watched it since then, though I think I might now x3

      i remember reading Welcome to Dead House and all the others that my school library had to offer. I was creeped out but never scared. But i loved em b/c they were forbidden xD my mom got religious when I was 5 and blocked me from pretty much everything so Goosebumps were a guilty pleasure. My greatest joy was finding places to hid them in our 1 bedroom apt… good times

  14. I loved Goosebumps books from kindergarten onward, but they never scared me. (Also, I’ve realized recently that they are rather poorly-written.) However, the Shivers series by M.D. Spenser was and is some of the scariest sh*t ever. That one book about the farm animals going crazy? Yeah, gave me nightmares for weeks…

  15. They weren’t too scary but I think if you’ve ever seen the show it will make you not scared of any of them. The dumbest one had to be “Calling All Creeps.” It was ridiculously stupid and the episode of the show just made it that much dumber. I think the “Say Cheese and Die” books were a little scary, they kinda had a Back to the Future theme to them but they did say you would die that’s at least a little scary.

  16. Night of the Living Dummy and The Haunted Mask terrified me!! I refused to wear Halloween masks for a couple of years!

  17. Fear Street was also addictive and the more “teenage” version of Goosebumps. I had to have my comic/book store save every new RL Stine (& Christopher Pike) book every time they came in, when I went in for my weekly Archie Comic pick up!

  18. these books (and Animorphs) were my favorite books!

  19. I always found Slappy rather creepy to be honest.. Hell, I found him really creepy. I read my first Goosebumps book when I was about 7, in 1997, and the following week there was a ventriloquist show happening at the local Sports Club.. I cried all the way through, my mum got pretty frustrated, had to take me home 😛

  20. oh , haha, I also had, among others, an issue called “Calling all Creeps”.. A boy at a middle school gives out this girl’s phone number and asks all creeps to call at it? That one was HILARIOUS. I laughed through the entire book!

  21. Is there anywhere on the internet that has a list of the original, numbered Goosebumps books? I haven’t stumbled upon it. It is as if our childhood is being written over! EGADS!

  22. This makes me feel bad about my younger self :). The say cheese and die books were terrifying! I remember reading these before bed and having to read then end before I could fall asleep. I am still afraid of stepping on nails to this day.

  23. Don’t recall ever being actually frightened by any of the books. I was that sick kid who laughed at all the bad endings in the Choose Your Own versions of Goosebumps. I think those were my favorites, and I’d end up reading along with most of my fingers in the book marking each choice junction, so when I reached an end I could go back and eventually hit all the endings.

  24. There was that one about the werewolf that scared me, but that’s because it was the first (I think) one to be made into a movie which was what actually scared me.

    The Fear Street books were awesome!

  25. I liked Monster Blood a lot. That was my favorite, I though it was so funny.

  26. I was hardcore into the Fear Street books. Those legitimately scared me.

  27. I remember in elementary school we had a whole shelf in our library filled with this series, but you had to be in Grade 6 to take any of them out.

  28. I agree. Totally unscary, completely satisfying in entertainment. I still love R.L. Stein, I don’t care what anyone says.

  29. Dafuq, I was scared through every second.

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  31. I had most of the books, only lacked a couple of them..
    Then one time got an audio book version of one of them. I can’t actually remember which, but I loved how it had music and different character voices and stuff..
    Then there was the TV show which I loved because it took the books and twisted the ends, so the ends of the stories were DIFFERENT…

    And then there were the PC games. I LOVED escape from Horrorland!

  32. My younger sister used to chase me through the house with the books with the puppets on them. I. Hate. Puppets.

  33. its true that a single book doesnt scare you. but i read 4 books on consecutive days and on the 4th night i had a jumble of a nightmare 😀

  34. I have the Horroland game, and I love it 😀 True, they’re not scary, but I like how the end was always inconclusive, so you had to use your imagination and give it the ending you wanted.

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