#16 Disney Has Some Pervs Working For Them.

Hidden sex/penis drawings, priests with boners and who knows what else?! Disney definitely has innuendo and subliminal messages masquerading through their films. I say we be blunt about it, if you want to show Ariel’s areolas, I’m all for it — just don’t try to be discreet because that’s weird.


12 responses to “#16 Disney Has Some Pervs Working For Them.

  1. I personally was more a fan of the OBVIOUS racism than the subliminal innuendo. I mean think about the crows in Dumbo… priceless.

  2. First off, love your blog…keeps me laughing.

    They have actually disproved most of the Disney ‘hidden’ things…The Little Mermaid poster was actually some 3rd party person they hired to do the promo poster…

  3. You can Argue with the porno picture in the rescuers.

    • Yes, but all those copies of the Rescuers were pulled from shelves because of the picture. Besides that, calling it a porno picture is a tad too strong because it’s just a nude figure. Also, it was on just two frames of the film. You would have to know exactly where it was at and pause it at that exact second just to even notice it. Makes me wonder who first noticed it in the first place because he or she obviously have some very good eyes.

      • Tits in a children’s movie is a no-no, especially in a G rated one. They kept that video around from 1977 to 1999 and during That year they made a recall. 22 years later… no, not ok. It Is hard to see, BUT that doesn’t make it ok. It was by far a perverted move on Disney’s part.

      • I know right? You would be so busy staring at Bianca and Bernard that you barely noticed the background. I didn’t even know that there were buildings back there xD

  4. lol i still have to sit and rewatch the movies so i can catch everything.

  5. I remember finding out when Aladdin tells Jasmine to “Take off your clothes.” On the vhs, you have to turn the volume all the way up to hear it, but it’s clear as day.

    • I’m pretty sure he’s saying, “…getting too close…” I’ve watched it dozens of times with the volume all the way up.

  6. I’ve heard the SEX in the Lion King thing, too. The Disney people like to put visual shout-outs to themselves in their movies, and the team that animated that segment went by the team name SFX. They were shouting out to themselves like an artist signing a drawing.

  7. actually they were trying to spell out SFX (for special effects)

  8. Clearly looks like and E rather than an F. That Disney stuff was weird.

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