#17 We Had Pro Wrestling At It’s Best.

If there was ever a good time to watch grown men lather up in baby oil and fake fight, it was the 90s. Hulkamania was running wild in the early years, then the Attitude era with The Rock & Stone Cold spiked wrestling into it’s peak. It had comedy, action, sexy divas and everything else to corrupt our little minds. Nowaday what’s the excuse for watching muscley, lubricated men rasslin’ now?


11 responses to “#17 We Had Pro Wrestling At It’s Best.

  1. Nosedive Flashblade

    Those Monday nights were the best. It was either WWF or WCW. So many great wrestlers and storylines. Today, there’s WWE and TNA and they both SUCK.

  2. NWO 4 life!

    I miss Scott Hall/Razor Ramon and Jake the Snake…memories

  3. Clueless_Anna_21

    omg im the girliest girl you’ll ever know, but I loved WWF!!!!

    the rock “do you smell *eyebrow lift* what the Rock is cooking?!”
    and the undertaker was so scary!!! and Scotty too hotty!!! I knew this guy at school called Scott who was such a cutie, and bcoz of wrestling I used to nickname him Scotty too Hotty 😀

    me and my friends even spat water out once like that one wrestler whose name I forgot, and we got in big trouble with these “grownups” sat infront of us (we were at a circus lol).

    And then they had to change their name coz of that weird animal panda society who like had patented the name before them or sumthing! how gayyyyy

  4. Now we have….FINALLY!!! I said, FINALLY!!! THE ROCK…HAS COME BACK…TO MONDAY…NIGHT….RAW!!!!! Yup, he’s hosting WrestleMania this year, and the promo he cut this Monday night on RAW indicates that he may actually be back for some wrestling. Only time will tell.

    Also this year, HBK is being inducted into the HoF. To which I can only say, it’s about DAMN TIME!!!

    And tomorrow night (2/21/11), Taker’s making his long-awaited return since last seen being buried alive by Kane.

    Still, this is all fairly old-school stuff that’s happening now. What about after WrestleMania when it all goes away again?

    Sheamus. Why? Because he’s a sexy, sexy ginger with a sexy, sexy Irish accent. If you want a reason for dudes to like him, he can put a whoopin’ on anyone’s ass nearly as well as Stone Cold could back in the day.

    CM Punk. Why? The man is a god on the mic.

    Alberto del Rio. Why? Because it’s his destiny to be World Champion.

    Vince McMahon. Why? He still growls when he’s acting angry. And it’s still hilarious to hear him do it.

    Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson). Why? He can wrestle circles around anyone ever. I’d love to see him face Kurt Angle, but Kurt’s in TNA now…dammit…

    Santino Marella. Why? Why not? He’s hilarious.

    There are others, but this is the main list, and I don’t feel like typing any more.

  5. Don’t forget the Miz… Awesome!!!

    But yea, nice list, I do think the 90’s wrestling was insane and the best ever though.

  6. The Rock is currently one of my favorite actors. And we wouldn’t have ever heard of him without wrestling.

  7. Wrestling is so boring now. It’s the same tired routines over and over. The Attitude Era was a great and bad at the same time. It was great simply because it was great! It was bad though because it raised the bar so high that the WWE can’t top it and have only proceeded to go downhill from there.

  8. Agreed, I went to Raw and Smack down taping and my dad ended up spending 1000 dollars. But I guess as a kid you don’t really care. Order Wrestlemania I hated when they change the name. I did get to meet The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  9. Wrestling was at it’s best in the 90’s although it was at it’s second best in the 80’s. With Hulkamania there wouldn’t have been an awesome attitude era to enjoy! Sadly wrestling isn’t what it was in the 90’s or even the 80’s.

  10. I remember being deathly afraid of “The Undertaker” simply because of the song that played when he came out and his face paint!

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