#18 Blowing Into Cartridges Was The Easiest Fix Ever.

The morning after pill, whiteout, tape, glue, Ctrl+Z — these are some of the great quick fixes in the world. BUT, none of them compare to simply blowing. That’s right, all it took was a huff, a puff and a blow into the cartridge and BOOM, it magically worked. Try blowing on your Call of Duty disc when it’s scratched, see if it works any better… (heads up, it won’t)


20 responses to “#18 Blowing Into Cartridges Was The Easiest Fix Ever.

  1. Yes , I remember blowing into the cartridges immediately fixed it. Wonder why? Probably the accumulated dust was the issue.

  2. Yeah it fixes it for a moment but it leaves behind moisture that was cause your games to stop working even faster than they would have had they been cleaned properly.

    Cartridge based games had the all-time greats and have better protection than discs do but they’re also doomed to failure due to moisture. Quite a tragedy.

  3. If you clean them with Isopropyl Alcohol, instead of blowing into them, much less damage is done. I still play my SNES and my Sega Genesis to this day. Love them.

  4. I still have all my old NES, SNES, and N64 games but sadly I sold my gensis in order to buy the N64…I really missed playing Jurassic Park and X-men until I realized I could put a gensis emulator on my iphone. Beats the hell out of any games you can buy in the appstore.

  5. Haha, true!

  6. I also had to shove a giant Lego in on top of my cartridge to get it to work, haha

  7. To this day, I still blow on things to fix them. Especially things which require contact between two pieces that dust might get in, despite the fact that there is no reason to think it will really work. This is true for alot of people of our generation, I think, and our kids are going to wonder what the hell we’re doing when they see us blowing into the headphone jack of our ipods when the headphones don’t work.

    • I totally agree, I still do this for everything. First thing I do to fix something is blow on it. CD not working-blow on it, PS3 acting weird-blow on it. I do it even though I know that it won’t fix a damn thing. If that doesn’t work, then I smack the crap out of it.

      • FurryPedestrian

        HAHAHAHA, me too!! just last night i was blowing into my 360 for a good half hour cuz i couldnt get it to read my Oblivion disk… then i smacked it… didnt work =(

    • I still blow into things! Hahaha! I have to switch my HDMi cord between my DVR and PS3 in order to enjoy these things. Well the other night I switched back to he DVR and the tv read “Unusable Signal” so I blew into he jack of the DVR! It worked :3

  8. I remember doing this! I like how back when we all had these gaming systems every kid in america knew that was the way to fix it.

    This was all done before social networking sites such as facebook/myspace/etc.

    How did every kid in america know this without these social sites is a mystery to me. Makes me wonder how we would do it in todays time if we didnt have the social sites.

    • Well, before the whole social media craze we had the skills to go out and be social. You learn from a friend who’s house you game at, he learned it from another friend who’s house he gamed at, etc.

  9. I was just trying to get a scratched PS2 disc to work. no dice. I really do miss the days that blowing would solve problems.

    • yes and if blowing didn’t work you smacked the end on your pant leg and pressed reset a gajiloin times (sighs) i misss that

  10. I MISS THESE DAYS. That was the greatest fix. Period.

  11. wow now we have all this complicated shit where we have to send in our device miss this

  12. Ha, my parents still have the nitendo ’64 and whenever I come over I go on a nostalgia ride with my cousins or my brother playing games like Golden Eye or Mario Kart ’64! Although it was a pain sometimes ’cause I would get dust in my eyes blowing those things out when I was young.

  13. Agreed. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.

  14. The easy days. Discs are great but are more finiky and touchy than cartriges. Plus the appearance of discs are sooooo boring. The cartriges were cooler and easier to fix.

  15. i love cartidge games. i still play my super while my brothers play ther play station and x box

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