#20 Are You Afraid Of The Dark Legitimately Scared Me.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? ruined a large portion of my good underwear. For some reason as a kid, this show freaked me out. Some frightening things went down when the “Midnight Society” gathered to tell their stories. Yes I was a big-time scaredy-cat growing up (shades of Chuckie Finster, minus the gingerness) but I was usually scared shitless by the shenanigans on this show.


82 responses to “#20 Are You Afraid Of The Dark Legitimately Scared Me.

  1. I loved this show!! I remember one episode in particular, where at the end the 3 people were trapped in a mall inside of a pinball inside of a pinball machine. That one kind of freaked me out.

    • Oh shit yeah I do! That was a weird one for sure! I don’t remember that show being that scary though. I think the only one that freaked me out as a kid was the one with the invisible pool ghost that would pull you under water at the pool and drown you.

      • hell yeah that pool episode was awesome! I remember that one, it was definitely scary, I’m pretty sure I was 8 or 9 when I saw it… creepy.

  2. Weirdly enough ive just ordered Season one and two box set of this show together with eerie indiana box set. AYAOTD takes me back to wet, blowy October days sitting next to the fire. Very comfy memory indeed!!!

    • I feel like somebody need to acknowledge the fact that you even said Eerie Indiana, lol, that box set wins indeed my friend!

  3. i absolutely loved this show, i used to watch it all the time when i was a kid, now in october they have it on cartoon network, i hope they do it again

  4. LOVED THIS SHOW! Remember the one where the guy was haunted by the kid with the red bike? Or the one where the girl goes into the creepy dollhouse to rescue another girl? I need to find this show online. 😀

  5. “I’m cold”, the one line that makes laugh about the show

  6. OMG I remember the “I’m Cold” line from this show…I think it was a doll that said that and it scared me so bad I was nice to all my dolls forever after!!! hahaha I love this site, brings back sooooooo many memories!!!

  7. For some reason, despite an awful phobia developed from the episode with the gum monster, I still loved to watch this show!

  8. I was to much of a fraidycat to watch many episodes of that show. However, my sister was TERRIFIED by the Quick Silver episode.

    • Oh em gee! I was just about to mention that ep! “I command you into this amulet!” I had to change the channel the first time it came on and watch an Ernest movie. It was some seriously creepy stuff.

  9. Remember the one where the zombie actually came out of the screen at the theater? Had to sleep in bed with my parents after that. This was a very well-made show (it aired after the equally amazing SPACE CASES!). A shame that Nickelodeon programming has taken a complete nosedive. I doubt kids these days will remember 2000’s programming because a) it’s crap and b) they’ve been too busy with their heads down texting each other.

    • Wasn’t it a vampire that came out of the screen? Maybe there were two episodes like that.

      Either way, I am still (at age 25) freaking scared of vampires even though I know THEY DON’T EXIST. I’ve slept with covers over my neck since I saw that damn episode, and now I’m so used to it I can’t sleep any other way.

      Thanks, Snick, for scarring me for life!

    • Amazingly enough, the actress that played Catalina (Jewell Staite) on Space Cases is in a few episodes of AYAOTD. One of them is the below-mentioned painting episode, but I can’t remember the others right now. Only reason I know that is I had a crush on Catalina back in the day haha.

  10. Omg, this show beyond terrified, I’m still scared of the deep end of the pool when I’m by myself. That pool drain monster still haunts me… and I’m 24 lol. And the I’m cold line.. was from the episode with the little boy with the red jacket who froze in the woods. F-ing creepy. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive nickelodeon for what they did to me.

  11. The scariest one for me was the one where the girl was sucked into the painting and she couldn’t escape. Then someone was throwing all of the paintings in a fiery dumpster at the end…

  12. Scariest shit ever = there are people of another dimension, shrouded in black, who are standing around us all the time but only visible when you put on Sardo’s (no Mr., accent on the “do”) special glasses. Eeeeggghhh that episode freaked me out.

  13. Kelli!! I was waiting for someone to mention that episode. That was the only one that legitimately scared me!!

  14. Yah Are you afraid of the dark used to scare the crap out of me. But now I wish I could watch it again…I barely remember many of the episodes specifically, except for the special movie thingy they did like a while back with the caroseul.

  15. anyone remeber the episode with the girl coming out of thr mirror and writing help me backwards on the wall that scarred the shit outta me

  16. Oh man, one episode in particular spooked me so bad I had nightmares for weeks. Google informs me it was called The Tale of the Night Shift, and it basically involved a gang of vampires terrorizing a hospital. It’s on YouTube. Time to see if it still scares me now like it did before…

  17. I totally remember that one! I LOVED this show when I was a kid. I think it fueled my love for horror movies lol. The only episode that ever scared me was The Tale of Jake and the Leprecaun. The one where the boy was doing the play and realized that his co-star was a real leprecaun trying to turn him into a frog. When the guy took off his fake ears and showed his hairy feet and back it freaked me out haha.

  18. Oooooh. I remember being teeny and desperately wanting to stay up late enough to watch this show. 9:30, 8:30 central always seemed like the height of late-night cool to me, then.

    I used to love the tale of Jake and the leprechaun! I was a giant theater geek (along with about a hundred other types of geek) growing up, and when you’re a ten-year-old with a flare for the dramatic and someone on television says ‘Hello, Gort. Or is it… Aaron, now?’ you’re going to be taken in. I remember wanting to work the line ‘Lucy! Who’s been mucking with these ropes?’ in somewhere during school play practice, but it never happened.

    My favorite was The Tale Of The Hungry Hounds, though. I *adored* that one. Creepy ghostly groundskeeper (his name was Giles, even!), antiquated ghost (Dora!) and her little red fox, and the way she described the riding fall that killed her… oooooh. Yes, when you’re little and have a flare for the dramatic, you’ll be taken in again. There’s one line I’ll never forget – ‘Dora! Dora, don’t open that door!’ ❤

    I still love it, and I'm 26. Some things don't change.

  19. The one that creeped me out the most was the “The Tale of the Crimson Clown.” When the clown started blowing his head up like a balloon and it popped, it didn’t matter how many times I had seen the episode, I jumped everytime. I miss that show and all the other shows on SNICK. When my family would go to church on Saturday night instead of Sunday, I would get really antsy because I wanted to get home and watch SNICK.

    • Holy crap, that one scared the SHIT out of me. Like, hardcore. I totally forgot the title of it until you said that…and that was the one episode that scared me more than anything else in the show. Some of the other episodes were fascinating, but that one, oh man, terrified me to no end.

      (so did zeke the plumber from salute your shorts haha)

    • I sat here and read all of these comments for the sole purpose of finding out if this episode ruined anyone else’s life like it did mine. I feel so much better knowing that it did. It’s the only episode that still sticks out in my mind. it. was. terrifying.

    • That was my favorite too! That and Quicksilver.

      Now that I’m older, my favorites are the Dollhouse one and the Lonely Ghost.

      Also, the kid with the serial port in his hand is permanently burned onto my psyche.

  20. I LOVED this show!!! I watched it EVERY day when I was a little kid. I was so upset when it stopped coming on. I had nightmares after the episode about the dolls coming to life and attacking the girl, but of course I did have TONS of those dolls. I MUST get these episodes on DVD.

  21. totally agree

  22. Ooh, my cousin and I lived for this show – The Tale of Badge was really scary to us for some reason. And the girl who gets stuck in a dollhouse… ugh. I wish they would show reruns.

  23. The episode itself wasn’t that scary, but the moment that still freaks the hell out of me is the ghost in the Tale of the Bookish Babysitter. That one is on YouTube, so check it out. What I’m talking about is the old guy in the weird cloud-like suit that is just WAILING as he floats down the hallway. I hated turning corners in hallways as a kid because of him.

  24. OMG…
    The episode with the people who came out of the fog in the lake, and the one where the girl gets sucked into the dollhouse and turns into a doll gave me nightmares me well into my double digit years.

    In fact, that entire show mentally scard me for most of my childhood.

  25. I was never afraid of the dark until the sandman episode where the ‘sandman’ grabs the girl’s ankle as she goes to bed and drags her under the bed and into this other realm. o.O terrifying.

  26. Pretty much every episode scared me. I watched it even though I knew i would end up sleeping with the light on, or not getting up to go to the bathroom

  27. Pool episode DEFINITELY still freaks me out…Im watching it on YouTube at work, right this minute!

  28. Best. Show. Ever.

    The Ghastly Grinner was the best. The clown that came out of the comic book and would drool blue ooze. He killed everybody and turned them into drooling zombies.
    I would scare the s**t out of my little bro by drooling my blue toothpaste before we went to bed. He would cry. haha. Love you Dyl!

    • Yes! I don’t remember being too afraid of any of the other episodes but The Ghastly Grinner was the only episode that I couldn’t watch all the way through. It was way too scary.

      I do remember having seen it all the way through since those days.

  29. I like how pretty much every female can remember that dollhouse episode..that’s really the ONLY one that I can not forget. I think I stopped playing with dolls the day I watched that episode…

  30. I specifically remember making my friends turn off the TV when Are You Afraid of the Dark was starting because it was rated Y7 and I was only 6.

  31. 3 words. Zebo the Clown.

  32. Does anyone remember the episode with like Revolutionary soldiers? I can’t remember much else about it but it hasn’t been mentioned here yet and it’s one of the only episodes I remember anything about.

  33. my two favorite episodes were the tale of the chameleons and the tale of the quicksilver!! the tale of the quicksilver was definitely scary but i rally liked the twisted ending to the tale of the chameleons with tia and tamara.

  34. Very good show, it scared me on more than one occasion too. The pool monster was the reason why I was afraid to be in a pool by myself for years.

  35. Clueless_Anna_21

    I looooooved this show!! The only one I remember clearly was the dollhouse episode, when the girl stuck in the dollhouse was turning in to porcelain and her hand drops to the ground-I straight up crapped my pants!
    I loved how all the storytellers all met up by that fire, and the cool dust they threw in that made the fire glow brighter was so cool. Why dont they make shows like this before!? I’m only 21, I would totally watch something similar now!!!

    Oo and that one episode where that guy doesnt know he’s dead, and everyone ignores him and he cant work out why. And then he cant work out why this hot girl keeps following him, when actually she was his girlfriend and they had died in the car accident together, and she was just trying to get him to “crossover” but he forgot he had ever met her!! awesome showwww!!

  36. “Tale of Laughing in The Dark”.. hands down one of the freakiest episodes i remember from this show, which i loved and still do love.

  37. LOVED THIS SHOW and so many old NICK SHOWS! I wish it would come back! I remember all of these episodes! Wow talk about a trip down memory lane! The clown episode is the one that got me….I hate clowns to this day. He smoked cigars and the kid had to pick a door and picked the wrong one! So creepy!

  38. Ooooh, I’d forgotten the episode with Minute Men and loyalists! Now I remember it, and good gosh, another favorite resurfaces. William and Emeline… so much geeky awesomeness.

  39. There were a lot of episodes that scared me a lot. Most of them did. I only remember a few being not scary. The one with gargoyle knowing what you fear scared the SHIT out of me for years. Like even thinking about it now still gives me a bad feeling.

  40. Nique the RocQstaR

    I liked their version of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow SO much more than the Burton version

    And the Dollhouse episode? This 6 year old put the dolls down and picked up a football.
    True story.

  41. Kelly Explains it all

    loved this show! M. Night Shyamalan ripped off an episode when he made The Sixth Sense.

  42. I like the one called “Tale of the Dead Man’s Float”. The monster was so gory and shit WTF! It was like Cannibal Corpse in a kids TV show.

  43. That show is the reason I always had to run up the stairs when coming back from going into that dark and mysterious basement of mine.

  44. i loved this show so much as a kid! and i still find myself squealing at some of the episodes. but does anyone remember an one with a skeleton trying to pull a boy underneath the bed? hands down the scariest one i remember, and i can’t find it anywhere!

    • YES! I was hoping someone would mention this one… I think the skeleton was after a telescope that the kid had found? I had to make running jumps into and off of my bed every night for years after that. I still don’t like standing next to it haha

  45. “The Tale of Laughing in the Dark”

    When the kid steals the clowns nose and he comes to collect it! Still creeps me out 15 years later….the baloon blowing up under the door! Argh!

  46. OH MY GOD!! i watched a couple of episodes of this (i was 5 or 6 at the time) and i’m still freaked out by the pool monster. i’m not sure if that’s the same one where the thing comes in and out of the drains but i still get freaked out.

  47. Was I the only one that was too scared of the opening credits to ever really watch a full episode?

  48. I remember one episode of this show (involving vampires at a hospital?) scared me so badly I was convinced my best friend was a vampire that night and I had to be picked up from our sleepover by my mom…yeah, AYAOTD was scary stuff as a kid.

  49. does anybody remember the video game? it came bundled with the first computer my parents bought, an old ACER desktop, which included the best computer games growing up, inlcuding let’s explore the airport with buzzy the knowledge bug (a child’s game, but the rental car sales person or even the gate attendant had my brother and I laughing for hours ) Ski Free (damn you Yeti!) Tieran, or Terian, some 1942-style game based in outer space, and of course, the game that first scared me, next to the first resident evil: are you afraid of the dark?…i still get nightmares from running away from the mummy in the museum…

  50. You should rewatch the episodes on YouTube if you haven’t already. They are still scary as sh*t.

    Especially The Tale of the Dead Man’s Float. OH GOD, WHY WOULD SOMEONE CREATE THAT?!

  51. Which episode was it that the girl fell down the stairs I can’t rememberr

  52. To this day I get scared looking out my window at night for fear I’ll see the scary glowing blue kid standing there or some invisible person will breathe on it and then draw a creepy symbol. *shudder*

  53. Still sooooo rediculously afraid of the pool monster…. (I’m 26). My cousin and I ordered the DVDs from Amazon and rewatched them..To this day, I can’t swim alone….

  54. I love this show so much. My baby brother was always scared of this show. But than I love anything with horror fascinating as a child. Till this day I’m a fan of the show and plan on showing my kids. (I’m 24) Long Live Are you Afraid of The Dark?

  55. I’m watching The Tale of the Frozen Ghost as I type this. This show legit began my reason for sleeping with my t;v on because I WAS afraid of the dark lol

  56. im still afraid of this. i was afraid of it then and i probably always will be. the MOMENT the title screen came on id start practically hyperventilating and immediately change the channel. ive never seen an episode.

  57. I remember the episode with the water monster that comes out of drains in the swimming pool. To this day I don’t swim anywhere near the drains!!

  58. It’s amazing how this one show screwed us up so much. Things that still send a shiver down my back [I’m 25] (being in a pool, especially close to the drain, mirrors, dolls, TV’s turning on by themselves) are things that most kids don’t think about. And here we are, 10-15 years later still affected by these things.

    Not many show could have done this. Not ONE show today could do this.

  59. I am currently STILL obsessed with this show. I have all the season and watch a few episodes almost every day. lol. yeah, not ashamed.

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