#7 Alex Mack Wouldn’t Survive In Current Times.

Alex Mack was a cutie but she would never last in today’s society. Her powers were nifty: telekinesis, shooting electricity from her fingers and the ability to turn into a puddle. These gifts may have been useful in 1995 but now, the bad guys would wait for her to turn into a puddle, drop a Shamwow on her and it’d be curtains. I’ve seen more recent pictures of her and she’s also really hot. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Victoria’s Secret World Of Alex Mack”.


10 responses to “#7 Alex Mack Wouldn’t Survive In Current Times.

  1. that’s hilarious!

  2. 10 Things I Hate About You. Smokin’.

  3. Clueless_Anna_21

    Ok I officially wanted to be her, my mum would never get the show, she’d be like “why does she turn in to water, is she dead? what is happening?? why do you like these things? *walks back to kitchen* ”

    haha, but no I loved it,and I always wanted a skinny nerdy black friend like hers, hahaha it made me hate my white friends I was like “yall aint good enough!!! dammit!!!” lolol and her backwards cap ahhh so 90’s

  4. she was also in 3rd Rock From The Sun

  5. I used to have a MASSIVE crush on Larissa Olenek, the girl who played Alex Mack. Her and the Pink Power Ranger were my first real crushes.

    Then I saw her in “10 Things I Hate About You” a few years later and she got even hotter.

  6. I recently came across this being syndicated on a German broadcaster (expatriate FTW) and had to bask in its awesomeness. Six or seven years ago the same thing happend to me with Doug. These shows clearly show their age but they are fucking amazing.

  7. Rick Johannsen

    True story – a good friend married her good friend. She banged Ledger on the set of 10 Things.

  8. I had a crush for this girl… true story lol!

  9. really.. banged Ledger… hmn… I always thought she banged Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  10. amanda bynes
    enough said

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