#8 You’ll Never Have To Miss The Fresh Prince.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air is arguably the greatest sitcom ever. That being said, it’s on about 17 different channels at any given time daily. This show is one of the few things from the 90s that’s managed to preserve itself and be loved by everyone, even 15-20 years later. All you need to say is the phrase “Now this is a story all about how..” and you can set any gathering into a synchronized rap session. It’s remarkable how popular it is and perhaps that’s why, it’s ALWAYS on TV somewhere.


14 responses to “#8 You’ll Never Have To Miss The Fresh Prince.

  1. i watched that all the time growing up, as well at home improvement, and also has anyone else realized that will smith has barely aged at all in like ever? i wonder if he will still look like this when he is like 80 O.o

  2. Will Smith just gets better and better and he definitely made his first mark on this classic show 😀

  3. True on the start of the song…my journalism group and I once spontaneously broke out into a Fresh Prince jam session, complete with beatboxing the music (me and Gord) and each took turns doing two lines each. Let me tell you by the time we got to the caf, we were stoked.

  4. Carlton…lolz

  5. Sadly I have to disagree that Fresh Prince has been preserved. It is true that most children of the 90’s can recite the lyrics to the theme song BUT they do so incorrectly. I can’t count the number of times someone as rapped these lies to me and I was forced to politely explain to them “No, Will did not in fact whistle for a cab in West Philly. Only an ignorant fool with no grasp of economics and geography would believe such a thing. In reality his mother handed him a first class ticket to Bel-Air and he sipped orange juice out of a champagne glass. Only then did he find him self whistling for a cab at the airport.” Sadly NBC short sightedly decided a 3 minute intro was not practical.

  6. Don’t forget “Jump On It”. This show MADE that song. Don’t know how many times that song pops up at clubs or parties and everyone is doing the Will/Carlton dance to it 😀

  7. When I was living in Spain, Fresh Prince was one of about 3 sitcoms that they aired on the English channel and one of very few shows period hailing from the US. So true that it’s one of the only shows that’s stood the test of time.

  8. I remember watching it back when it used to be on during its original run; it was on at like 9pm on Friday’s or Saturday’s. And Carlton was EASILY the funniest part of the show; even funnier than Will. The greatest bit was when he dressed up for Halloween Trick or Treatin’ (he was obviously about 19 or 20 at the time) he was dressed as MacCaulley Culken, which highlighted the best part about him; he was a nerdy, private school white kid trapped in the body of a black teenager.

    Geoffrey was also funny as hell with his little snide remarks.

  9. Does anyone remember when Saved by the Bell was on fifteen or so times a day? I do. It was a wonderful time called the 90s.

  10. Back before Will was an arrogant ****, with arrogant children.
    Ah, the memories.

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