#9 Kenan & Kel. Great Together. Not So Great Apart.

Kenan and Kel were brilliant together and in many peoples eyes (myself included), they are the kings of the 90s. They were responsible for some of the funniest sketches and characters on All That (Everyday French With Pierre Escargot,  Repair Man, Good Burger, etc). They made a great comedic duo whether it be in sketches, television series or film and the fact that they had to separate and go separate ways is a huge disappointment. We can do one of two things, be sad and disappointed that they are now doing their own things or feed our nostalgia with All That and Kenan and Kel reruns while embracing any new work Kenan or Kel puts out.


30 responses to “#9 Kenan & Kel. Great Together. Not So Great Apart.

  1. Kel Mitchell now performs under the name Finesse Mitchell, and mostly does producing. He also recently wrote a book.

  2. Believe it or not, Kel is the voice of T-Bone on the animated version of Clifford The Big Red Dog. The more you know!

  3. Yeah, Kel is T-Bone, and I think he’s done a few other lesser-known, PBS-type kids’ show voice acting. I never liked Kenan & Kel, though.

    Oh, btw: Kel was in Mystery Men. It was a POS movie, but it wasn’t straight to DVD.

  4. Kel also hosted Dance 360 for its entirety (like, a year). It was an awesomely bad dance show where audience members competed against each other with their dance moves. The whole object was the be the audience favorite (or something) and you’d win $360, ahaha.

  5. He was on Dance 360 and he was spotted at an anime convention 2 years ago.

  6. and he was on the show one one when the daughter and her boyfriend go to L.A. . he was the landlord on a few episodes

  7. All That, at the beginning, was AWESOME. Basically it was SNL for teenagers. And just like SNL, it used to be fantastic, and then it started sucking.

  8. Kel was on a couple of sketches on G4’s (yes, it’s a network) Attack of the Show! a few months back. Most people have barely heard of the network, let alone the show. I was hoping it would be some ’90s in-joke. Alas, no one acknowledged the presence of one-half of the greatest comedy duo to come out of Nickelodeon.

  9. I met Kell in 2004, he used to be friends with the girl that lived across the hall from me. I was over there one time, they were really baked and I happened to be drinking a Sunkist. He asked started sniffing and asked “is that orange soda” I said it was and asked him if he really loved it, he did the whole bit “I do, I do, I do-oo”.

    I went back to my room and got him one, then I sat and drank Sunkist with Kell

  10. lol Kenan and Kel Rocked. It was legand…wait for it, and I hope your not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is….dary (I had to do it)
    Seriously…Kel got Kenan into SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much trouble you just couldnt help but laugh

  11. I still love Kenan I laugh my ass off every time he does the What’s Up With That sketch

  12. Kel has a youtube channel, if you look for it.

  13. I always thought Clifford was a cute show… The first time I saw it I got so happy when I recognized Kel as T-Bone

  14. Kel did appear in the movie Mystery Men (which I believe was one of Dane Cook’s first cinematic appearances as like “THE WAFFLE IRON” or something), and he played that part pretty well.
    An under-rated movie in my opinion.

  15. I always hoped Kel would also show up on SNL at some point a few years back, but now that I’ve looked into it, it seems they possibly hate each other for some reason. Bummer.

  16. Kel was actually in the Kanye Video for “All Falls Down.” He is the person helping Syleena with her bags

  17. Kel also does parodies of songs, a la this one:

    Not as good as Weird Al, but I laughed at Jeezy’s part.

  18. Yeah Kenan Thompson was way funnier when he was a kid than he is now. Which is kind of sad if you think about it.

    I haven’t even seen Kel on anything since he quit Nickelodeon.

  19. I was watching “Good Luck, Charlie”, one of Disney Channel’s newer sitcoms, and Kel played a small role as host to a local talent contest.
    Literally, he was on screen for the last 3 minutes of the episode, but he is not dead… or overly successful.

  20. Kel showed up in the SyFy “Battle: Los Angeles” rip-off “Battle of Los Angeles”. I couldn’t make it through the whole thing, the CGI was just too awful.

  21. I want to see kenan moves to Montana that was sad I feel really bad for kel but kel goes to Montana to see kenan I want to see it

  22. Keenan stinks on SNL. Kel did pretty good on Mystery Men. But yeah, they belong together. They just don’t work separately.

  23. I loved kenan and kel so much when i was growing up! still laugh my ass off when i watch reruns.And who else thought that kel was so cute!!? cause i do i do i do oooh!!! 😀

  24. Kenan and Kel are the dynamic duo of the 1990’s. I bet they would still be a dynamic duo if they work out whatever it is that caused them to separate.
    They are only funny together, NOT apart.*

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