#24 Yeah. His Name, Is “Skeeter”.

And if that’s not enough, Doug would often times call him “Skeet” for short. Back in 1994 I’m sure there was no way to predict what the definition of the word “skeet” would translate to in the 2000’s so surely this was unintentional, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hilarious. After Lil Jon and other rappers gave the word an inappropriate meaning, it’s taken on a new life. Apparently one Skeeter wasn’t enough though as Nickelodeon would follow up with “Cousin Skeeter” a few years later.


8 responses to “#24 Yeah. His Name, Is “Skeeter”.

  1. Was Skeeter supposed to be black? I always wondered that when I was a kid mostly cuz he was always beatboxing and doing dances that were similar to break-dancing.

  2. But Skeeter was just a nickname too, wasn’t it? I was a HUGE Doug fan. I even had a Doug board game at one point… Find THAT today! haha. Anyway, I’m pretty sure his full name was Mosquito Valentino. Of course, I’m not sure on the spelling there…. Give me a break, I wasn’t concerned with spelling back then!

  3. yeah his full first name was mosquito…my question is what did meagan good loan her voice to?

    • actually megan good actually acted on the show “cousin skeeter” which was not a cartoon. speaking of megan good, damn i totally forgot about her and how hot she was/is

  4. Muscular Beaver

    Mosquito Valentine was a family name, at least according to Skeeter. What’s even funnier is his little brother was named Dale. And Meagan Good’s career never really did much after Cousin Skeeter. She dies in Saw V…enough said.

  5. Dude! Skeet is Shaq’s cousin?!

  6. How about Patty “Mayonnaise”?

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