#25 Angel Grove Is The Worst Town Ever.

When you’re walking down the street you might be attacked by a group of clay-men rocking tight, gray spandex suits and making obnoxious, gibberish sounds. In addition, there are constantly monsters destroying the f***ing city in battles with big metal dinosaurs.  If that’s not enough, some crazy bitch  has made a full-time job out of wreaking havoc on your entire town and your life depends on 5 teenagers. Angel Grove makes Compton look like Utopia.


4 responses to “#25 Angel Grove Is The Worst Town Ever.

  1. I agree this is a crap town but I would argue that sunnydale was the worst town ever. Seriously, why the heck would anyone move to sunnydale where literally a third of the high school class dies/disappears mysteriously and the cops did jack about it. hellmouth ftl

  2. Agreed, worst place to live ever. I think the more startling revelation to me about this show was that it was all dubbed off of a Japanese show (or something like that) that came before it (aside from the American actors portion). I recently discovered that and it got me to thinking about how I always used to wonder why Rita’s lips never synced up with what she was saying. That was my own ah-ha moment. Awesome blog, I look forward to reading more!

  3. Fun Fact: Actress who played Rita was also ‘Ping Pong Lady’ In Priscilla queen of the desert.

  4. What about sunnydale?? How much would it suck to live in a town where there was an apocalypse threat every other week?

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