#26 Fruit Stripe Is A Great Disappointment.

At first it’s DELICIOUS, CHEWY, SWEETNESS! Then, 5…4…3…2…1 second later it’s flavorless and dull – almost like chewing on a rubber band. Look, all gum loses flavor, this is inevitable. That being said, it should last longer than Sinead O’Conner’s (Google her if needed) fame.  Did they think that just because they included a temporary tattoo on the wrapper it was acceptable to make low quality gum? Wrong, Fruitstripe. Very wrong.


20 responses to “#26 Fruit Stripe Is A Great Disappointment.

  1. Absolutely correct. That gum tasted insanely good for literally only a few seconds. I can remember putting the gum in my mouth for the first time and thinking, “This is the best gum ever!” The a few seconds later, “What the hell happened? This fruity masterpiece has turned into a bicycle tire. Damnit.” Then you spit it out and grab another peice. Within a minute and a half the entire pack of gum was gone. And you were pissed.

  2. This is so true! I used to buy 2 packs at a time just so i could have gum for more than 5 min!

  3. Yipes! Stripes! Fruit Stripe Gum! I loved the tattoos 🙂

  4. Hehe. Very true.

  5. But I still begged my parents for it every time we were in the grocery store line.

  6. Stride’s Mystery Flavor is Fruit Stripes, I swear.

    • Yes it definitely is!!! I said the same thing the first time I bought it. I’m addicted now! lol [but the flavor lasts!]

  7. The new mystery gum from Stride tastes EXATLY like it!! But lasts wayyyy longer! So good!!

  8. sleepdeprivedtechie

    Every time I see a pack of fruit stripes gum in a store, I have to pick it up to see if its been there since the 90’s… I think some places are still trying to get rid of their back stock!

  9. Those 5 seconds were worth it!

  10. Also, the Tazo Tea factory in Portland OR smells exactly like fruit stripes. Anyone who’s in Portland and passing by, talking Hawthorne Bridge- keep your nose a go. Bomb.

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  12. Bubbalicious was so much better than Fruit Stripes! The pieces were bigger, it came in so many awesome flavors (my favorite was Lightning Lemonade), and it lasted longer than it took you to throw out the wrapper. However, the tattoos were definitely a bonus!

  13. those tattoos were the sheeeet! ah the sweet taste of the 90’s.

  14. “Nothing Compares 2 U,” if you couldn’t already tell, was written by Prince.

  15. The tatto sucked too! I fucking could not get a decent fruit stripes tattoo on my hand at all!

  16. But still i have to admit its a good memory!

  17. Remember Bubble Tape? Same flavor-vanishing, only the flavor was “fucking gross.”

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