#27 There Is A Huge Difference Between Vivian Banks And Vivian Banks.

Dark skinned Vivian to light skin Vivian. Subtle NBC. Verrry Subtle. I mean really? Clearly, they didn’t care at all about getting a new Vivian. I understand that dark skinned Vivian was booted for being a terror on set but couldn’t we have found a more aesthetically similar Vivian? I mean, if you were gonna  replace James Avery (who played Uncle Phil AND apparently voiced Shredder (see realization #22)) you wouldn’t cast Bob Saget.


20 responses to “#27 There Is A Huge Difference Between Vivian Banks And Vivian Banks.

  1. i had no prior knowledge that they were even different.

    if you ask me… i think they did an awesome job.

  2. I don’t think I ever noticed. Is that bad?

  3. I think that the new Vivian (during her young years of course) was hot, and she and Hillary looked more alike

  4. I stopped watching by the time they made this switch I only noticed it when watching a rerun episode randomly one night. In all honestly with situations like this Id rather they just get rid of the character, like say she died or went backpacking than replace her just because after so long of having one person swapping them out like this cheapens it to me. Almost as if it were a soap opera and were too dumb to care.

  5. I heard it’s ’cause number one got pregnant. But that might just be a rumor.

  6. Maybe this is already discussed, and it’s not nearly as remembered because it only lasted for like 5 episodes or so and who really continued to watch Family Matters when things got all futuristic and all about Stephan, but what about when they switched out Harriet Winslows?

    • Oh man, that was so horribly irritating! It’s like the new Hariet became twice as whiny as the old one! I couldn’t take her seriously at all.

  7. What I LOVED about the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air show is how they actually made fun of certain things like that in the show. In the first episode with the *new* Vivian Banks, Jazz (Will’s best friend) came over and kept saying “There’s something different about you, Mrs. Banks. I just can’t put my finger on it” LMAO

  8. Dark skin Viv was so much funnier!

  9. Did anyone else notice when Vivian got pregnant that it was originally a girl, for the first couple episodes after the baby was born. Then the baby turned into a boy?

    • That never happened….the baby was ALWAYS a boy, remember at the hospital right after he was born, will said, “Lets name him SHAZAAM!”
      The baby was never a girl…

  10. I hate when they do this stuff, I always notice it right away. Like Becky in Roseanne and Harriet in Family Matters…lame.

  11. THe original Vivian (THe Dark One) was better in my opinion.

  12. Everything about thte Vivian’s was different. Original Vivian’s natural hair, strong attitude, and her career. The darker Vivian was sassier and she demanded respect. The second one was just a housewife that didnt really do anything. You never heard her talk about work or anything but her kids.

    • Amen! I can’t/couldn’t stand the new Vivian. I was quite offended actually though I could’ve seen past it if the new Vivian was at Least interesting!

  13. I like the dark skinned one better 🙂

  14. i definitely noticed i feel like there was another one too

  15. Recasting a role is nothing new to the 90’s. In fact I think it’s worse when they just do away with a role (ala Judy Windslow) without even explaining their abscence.

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