#28 Home Alone Is Beyond The Realm Of Possibilities.

If only home invasions were this much fun in real life, right?! I know if I were Kevin’s age and I could anticipate being robbed, I’d probably just go to the cops, which would’ve made for a far less entertaining 2 hours. As preposterous as many of the scenes in this movie were, the first two Home Alone films are arguably the best X-Mas movies in existence. No matter how many times I watch, I always admire Kevin’s well-crafted, booby trapped house and bravery in a frightening situation.


5 responses to “#28 Home Alone Is Beyond The Realm Of Possibilities.

  1. Totally agree, im 28 and for as long as i can remember ive watched Home Alone on X-Mas eve and it makes christmas for me more so than the Queens speech even.

  2. I agree with Keith. We always watch these movies around christmas and the idea that kevin had when he shoots his army men down the laundry shoot was like the greatest idea ever to me. Cant tell ya how many times i did that haha

  3. “keep the change, you filthy animal”….i’m still waiting for the right time to say that to someone (of course during the holiday season and around my age group)

  4. He was so crafty, like a young MacGyver! Which that show was also awesome!

  5. These two movies………..I FUCKING LOVE THEM! I have both and watch them when i am in the mood. But when the other two movies came out…Good god they were terrible. Ok the third was ok but the 4th fuuuuuuuuu! That was terrible!

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