#29 Helga Pataki Is Crazy.

The girl made a shrine dedicated to Arnold including a gum sculpture and that alone justifies my statement. But to elaborate further, she was constantly following Arnold around and cutting him down with insults, mainly referring to him as “football head”. Personally, I don’t think it’s just a crush. I see an aggressive, malicious, extreme fascination and realistically, Helga has psycho tendencies. If Arnold knew the potential level of danger he’s in every time he hangs around Helga, I’m certain a restraining order would be intact. Maybe if she shaved her unibrow and stopped acting like a dude, Arnold would give her a second look.


25 responses to “#29 Helga Pataki Is Crazy.


    HUGE Hey Arnold! fan, but the older I got, the more I began to realize that Helga’s obsession wasn’t cute, it was downright creepy (especially in the 5th season).

    Just watch the episode “Helga Sleepwalks” and you’ll see what I mean!

    • Seriously! Agreed, they just showed that episode a few days ago on Teen Nick. Then there was that time she cut a lock of his hair… Mean, crazy, though I loved when that guy with the glasses would appear and start breathing hard when she’d start proclaiming Arnold’s praises. I never quite understood that though, but it was funny

  2. Seriously girl, shave that unibrow. No dude wants his girlfriend to look like pro-wrestler Santino Marella.

  3. But if you think about, Helga is only crazy because her family is crazy. She’s neglected by her parents, Big Bob the pager salesman, and her mom who is constantly making “smoothies” and waking up in the most random places. Helga’s nuttiness most likely stems from the crazy family issues she faces at home…

  4. And of course, her uncle, the governor of the state.

    What, it’s not like “Pataki” is exactly a common name! Where else would it have come from???

  5. I can remember watching the first episode of Hey Arnold in the movie theatre as a trailer before a kids movie! I was sitting there watching the show thinking that it would be awesome to start every movie with a cartoon! The episode was so good that I don’t even remember what movie I saw. I was an avid watcher of Hey Arnold! once it hit tv.

  6. I remember that episode of Valentine’s day where Helga is actually “pretty” (in a cartoony way) but Arnold doesn’t know it’s her.

  7. I think there should be a post about how Helga’s mom is def on drugs. all the time.

    • Yes! Is there any Hey Arnold maniacs out there that can answer this question?? I really want to know what is up with Merriam helgas mom!!!

    • Yes! Is there any Hey Arnold maniacs out there that can answer this question?? I really want to know what is up with Merriam, helgas mom!!! Seriously what is up with helgas mom? Is she an alcoholic or a drug addict???

      • She’s an alcoholic.

      • I LOVE HELGA! She is so funny! Helga’s mom is in fact an alcoholic, but that’s because she hates her life so much. If you watch the episodes, you hear that Helga’s mom’s licesnce was taken away, and she asks Helga for tobacco sause for her bloody mary. Did you know there was supposed to be another movie to Hey Arnold called the Jungle Movie? It would be were Arnold finds his parents, but nick had to cancel it due to disputes between the creator and nick. However, lots of people are still fighting for the movie to be made, and we are closer than ever before! Sign the petition to help make it a reality! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/Save-Hey-Arnold-Movie-TJM/

      • Hey, Ghazal! You suck if you love Helga and think that she’s funny! In case you didn’t notice, this is an anti-Helga webpage. So get the hell off of it!

  8. OH HOW I MISS HEY ARNOLD! Absolutely loved that show! Wanted his room so bad as a kid.lol. Helga was crazy and creepy at times YES! but was the perfect tomboy character. lmao 🙂

  9. When I first watched this show I wondered if it was normal for a girl to have a shrine in her closet for the guy she likes, so I made one… and promptly forgot about it until two years later when I was cleaning out all my old shoes…

  10. Did anyone else ever realize Chocolate Boy was obviously a drug addict?

  11. The unfortunate fact is that most of us who were teenagers or kids in the 90s now know someone exactly like creepy Helga. I wish it were just something that happened in cartoons. I keep wishing.

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  13. Seriously what is up with helgas mom? Is she an alcoholic or a drug addict???

  14. it’s confirmed miriam was an alcoholic, the creator said that he wanted to make an spinoff series about helga and her family in which Miriam would go to AA

  15. Did you know they are still trying to make The jungle movie?! What’s that? Well it’s the ending, with Helga’s final confession, from Hey Arnold. There is a whole Fan club on facebook look it up and sign our peition. We only need less than 1000 signatures and we will send it to Nick. We are very confident that with those last signatures we will have our Hey Arnold confession and closure this very year! Please sign here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/Save-Hey-Arnold-Movie-TJM/

  16. Miriam’s an alcoholic, which has been confirmed by the creator of the show, Craig Bartlett. However, it also appears that she’s a little, well, out of it sometimes. So, I mean, who knows what else she might have been taking? It’s up to you to get what you want out of her behavior…

  17. It’s actually more her mean front then her looks. Arnold has shown interest in helga a few times when she acts like herself an actually nice person.

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