#30 The Rugrats Scared Me On A Couple Occasions.

There were some creepy moments on the show but two specific ones take the cake. First, there was an episode where Chuckie keeps experiencing a series of nightmares. At the end of the show his father Chazz puts Chuckie to sleep, enters the living room and sees a figure that appears to be Stu. When the figure turns around it has a distorted face and exclaims the infamous line, “I’m not Stu!” This FREAKED ME OUT big time as a kid. The second time was an episode where Angelica’s parents told her they might be having a second child. Angelica then dreamed she was having a brother who was freakishly big and chased her around in what was another very eerie showing. For a cartoon that wasn’t trying to scare me, Rugrats succeeded in doing so occasionally.

(The “I’m Not Stu” clip. Kind of funny now but at 7, not so much.)


32 responses to “#30 The Rugrats Scared Me On A Couple Occasions.

  1. This episode along w/Supermen: Absolute Power….. gave me nightmares as a kid for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kelsey MacDonald

    I still remember exactly what that baby’s voice sounded like. Terrifying.

  3. There was another episode where Tommy was sick with a fever and has fever hallucinations, never never liked that one.

  4. “Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch”
    Tommy and Chuckie must stop a playground from being terrorized by the “Junk Food Kid”, a candy-eating, gum-chewing bully.

    ^ This episode freaked me out for some reason. LOL.

    As did the “Zeke the Plumber” episode of Salute Your Shorts.

  5. It’s amazing how as soon as I read the two moments you meant about I remembered everything about the episodes. Rugrats was so good!

  6. Nope, still terrifying. And Ross, Zeke the Plumber is way scarier now than he was back then!

  7. The Stu video still scares me now. I remember being scared of both of those episodes too.

  8. The onw here Chucky lost his glasses was terrifying

  9. Angelica’s worst nightmare hands down was the scariest rugrats episode.

    I think I’m still afraid of Zeke the Plumber from Salute Your Shorts HA

    Also, the Tale of the Ghastly Grinner from Are You Afraid of the Dark scarred me for life. For real.

  10. YES. That baby brother episode still scares me when I think about. The brother had a creepy ass voice.

  11. OMG the giant baby!

    “No! Stop! I’m your big sister!”

    I was (am) a fat kid, and my sister would mock me with this line endlessly. Still does, occasionally, in fact. 🙂

  12. Rugrats the original with just the 4 babies(not all grown up or any other bs) still comes on in the mornings around 5 am here. Yes I admit at 24 years old I wake up to watch it like im a kid again. lol. One of the best cartoons ever made!

  13. The video appears to be down now. Lol at the bs third party claims. Candid Stinky Soles? The Cartoon Network?

    Even though I can’t watch the video, I remember those two examples clearly. They scarred me for life lol xD

  14. OMG that episode when angelicas rents try 2 have another kid and that dream sequence scared the shut out of me. I’m still creeped out by that one. Lol I even felt sorry for Angelica in that one. Another one that was kinda scary was the superhero episode when Angelica was a supervillain. Anybody remember that one?

  15. Ok, those two moments in the show gave me more nightmares total than watching “IT” at seven years old. I forgot about those parts (repressed memories?) until I saw those pictures, and now I’m scared again. Haha I can’t believe how scary those 2 parts were for me. Is it weird that I had a sister like a year after the angelica’s brother episode came out? :/

  16. YES! Angelica’s dream was terrifying. It may have something to do with the recurring nightmares I had as a child in which my parents had another baby and stopped paying any attention to me whatsoever…

    But I think the most scarring moment from my childhood was the Wheelers from Return to Oz. 80s movie, but I didn’t see it until the 90s. Just go ahead and search “return to oz wheelers” at youtube and you’ll be given a few different videos to choose from. You might pee a little.

  17. what about the one where Chuckie wishes he was never born? that one always scared the begeezus outta me.

  18. The Stu scary face was more of a “what the fuck moment.” but Angelica s nightmare.. ill always change the friggin channel..ALWAYS?!

  19. I like the one were they watched the scarey movie and thought the dad was a robot and they took a pair of channel locks to the nipples

  20. Hey Arnold was pretty creepy at times too. I remember an episode where Arnold and Gerald were fighting and Arnold was thinking about the future or something and Grandpa was in the back of the bus completely green and laughing until his jaw fell off. Creeped me out.


  22. The one with Stu is kinda funny. It was at the beginning where the same thing happened with Tommy that was scary.

  23. What about Tommy’s “Stuffing” coming out?

  24. There was a scene in the one where the babies are abducted by aliens when Angelica enters a room filled with creepy creatures and an extremely creepy fish. You can also see Chucky’s dads severed head in a jar in that scene.

  25. rugrats special delivey when tommy got last in the post office and I saw that skeleton and Tommy almost fall in

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