#31 Ren, Stimpy And Rocko Are Funnier Now.

These shows are filled with subtle adult jokes and it makes them more entertaining now than they were 15 years ago. It’s actually surprising that I watched ‘em as a kid because I’m not sure I really understood any of the humor. I think I was just enjoying the physical, visual things like Ren & Stimpy picking boogers or Rocko getting smashed by something. I recommend people go back and watch, it’s a blast trying to catch the innuendo that goes right over kids’ heads.


17 responses to “#31 Ren, Stimpy And Rocko Are Funnier Now.

  1. Oh without a doubt. Same goes for Animaniacs and Freakazoid among other 90s cartoons. There’s a reason Nicktoons runs these shows late at night where adults are more likely to be watching them.

    That’s the brilliance of a clever cartoon. It’s funny on many levels and funnier as you get older.

    Check out Regular Show on Cartoon Network. It’s cut from the same cloth as Rocko and is not lacking in jokes kids wouldn’t possibly understand.

  2. get out of my salmon bushes! plus the neighbor is alot creepier now than she seemed when i was a kid.

  3. My Dad would lose his shit so badly when we’d be watching Ren & Stimpy together that if my mom was around she would tell him to leave the room. Nowadays we watch the show together in peace and without my mom yelling at him for laughing at a gross kids show. Does anyone remember the one where hairballs become worth more then gold? I can’t find that episode anywhere.

  4. I remember watching an episode of Rocko’s Modern Life, where they went to Rocko’s uncle’s farm. Heffer slept in the barn, and one of the farmers hooked up a milk vacuum pump up to Heffer while he was sleeping. His reactions were that of Morning Head.

    How the hell did they get away with that!?!? WOW.

    • There’s also the episode where Rocko, Heffer and Filburt are playing a board game called “Spank the Monkey,” complete with toy monkey and paddles. I believe Ed Bighead comes over and Rocko asks him if he’d like to join in.

  5. Rocko was great and full of good shit. The Chokey-Chicken restaurant. And there was a episode where Filbert’s(the turtle) girl the cat chick with a hook had kids that all looked like Heffer which basically showed that Hef was showing her the meat behind Filberts back great subliminal family fun right there

  6. Both those shows bothered me as a kid, even if I thought bits of them were funny. They still do. It’s some of the details.

  7. The country of Ballzack, anyone?

  8. Love these shows now late at night! They are so gross and dirty but hilarious! Who can’t resist the b52s singing the title song for Rocko and who can’t resist the catchy tune for Ren and Stimpy…I sure can’t.:)

  9. hahahah… so true… i love these shows even more!!!!

  10. SpongeBob has a subtle masturbation scene.

  11. Very true. I never got any of the under toned Adult Humor in them til I saw them a few months ago.

  12. I just watched Rocko(the episode where Ed becomes a clown on the side), and at the end, where they chase Rocko for saying that he “likes rainbows,” all I could think was “YOUR GAYNESS IS NOT WELCOME HERE GTFO.”

    I feel like a bad person for laughing…

  13. Same goes for Cow & Chicken, cannot recall if it applies here. But this show had some great adult jokes, especially the Devil with no pants. Those are great things, to be admired.

    • Omg, I loved Cow & Chicken as a kid, despite how crude and stupid it was.
      Frosted pork buts and taters still brings a smile to my face. 😀

      Lol, I can’t believe my Christian Conservative mom watched that with me on a regular basis and DIDN’T get offended.

  14. regular show was not made for little kids it was for 10-18 as said by the cerator in the cartoon making process and later on got toned down for 10-14 so its not just for kids its for teens and young adults and teens

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