#32 Pizza Lunchables Were A Game Changer.

Cheese & Crackers are one thing but Lunchables flipped the script on us when they created the quick fix Pizzas — kids went ape-shit. I remember reveling in glory over the fact that I was actually constructing my own delicious, mini pizza. If you were one of the crafty kids you would do sauce on top of the cheese and pepperoni or make a sandwich out of it. Recently I bought one to see if it created the same fireworks as it had in years past and let me say, it’s still pretty damn phenomenal. That being said, “Pizza Lunchables” taste NOTHING like “actual pizza”… Or does “actual pizza” taste nothing like” Pizza Lunchables”? Hmmm, talk about food for thought…


20 responses to “#32 Pizza Lunchables Were A Game Changer.

  1. All I remember is having soda for a drink was a new concept to me back in my elementary days. I think that came into play when the mega pizzas started.

  2. i liked the pizzas but the nachos were my favorite.

  3. haha, I remember the very first time I convinced my mom to buy a pizza lunchable. It was the second-to-last day of eighth grade. I also think it was the only one I ever had, LoL.

  4. Remember the candy pizza lunchables? Dear God, those things were a heart attack waiting to happen. Chocolate sauce topped with M&Ms. How on earth did I convince my mom those things were a healthy lunch?

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  6. I remember when those first came out! My mom would buy them for me when I went on field trips instead of making my lunch so that was a nice treat. I sometimes buy them now too.

  7. The first one I bought, I thought it was supposed to be heated… Needless to say, I hated it! I tried it the way it’s supposed to be eaten, though, and loved it! Except they had the round ones (the only ones I can ever find) and the triangular ones which tasted so much better (but I can’t find anywhere! But I could never find them in cheese-only). I still buy, and love, them though! Though they must be at room temperature… The sauce tastes weird cold and when it’s too hot the cheese gets all clumpy and gross.

  8. haha i got wasted a few weeks ago and ended up at walmart and ended up downing three pizza lunchables in the parking lot

  9. To this day, I still buy all lunchables, almost 20yrs old now and I am still in love with them. Any time, I have enough spare cash on me, that’s what I buy either just for a snack… or to have as a premeal. They are awesome, yet alot of people still ask me “WHY DO YOU WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS STUFF!?” I just reply by “Well, they taste good? And damn, I can’t resist.”

  10. Oh nooo i still eat these so much that a girl in sociology told me she had a dream about me eating pizza lunchables and sharing them with her. They’re just so fuckin’ handy on campus though! And i know that other kids are secretly jealous when i’m getting cheese clumps (i wont go so far as to call them shreds) all over my desk. Sometimes i can’t get them because they’re sold out, so there’s got to be a fair chunk of young adult slackers that enjoy the convenience and taste (whoever said the sauce tasted weird cold is dead. wrong.) of the simplest ‘pizza’ ever.

  11. I still buy them too Dawn and im 24. lol…..Pizza and Nachos are my favs. I dont care I won’t ever stop buying them and same goes for dunkaroos! My guilty pleasures!

  12. I read this and had to go out and buy one! I’m a college student (born in ’92) and remember everything. And now I’m pretty sure I know what the new (well old) food of my college years will be 🙂

  13. Does anyone else have a problem with them putting all kinds of “healthy” snacks to go along with the lunchable in so many of the lunchables now? My favorites were always the pizza sticks and the deep dish pizzas, but then they discontinued the pizza sticks, and now the deep dish pizzas only have one mini pizza and some crappy “healthy” snack. I just saw a commercial that they are putting mandarin oranges in them now! What is this world coming to?! I want the pizza lunchable for the pizza, not for a balanced meal for a small child!


  15. I still eat Pizza Lunchables. All the time. Whenever I need to pack a lunch for a bus ride to a band contest or anything, I pick up a couple of them and I’m suddenly the coolest kid in band class.

  16. I always held the pizzas to a higher standard, because I usually got the ham and cheese ones. When Mom slipped a Lunchables Pizza in my lunchbox as a surprise, I would flip the f**k out wit happiness.

  17. I took a Pizza Lunchable to work a few weeks ago and ate it in the breakroom. My friend, who was one of the Jamaicans who come up to work there every summer, had never seen one before and thought it was so cool he asked me if he could have the empty package to take back to Jamaica. Yeah. They’re that cool.

  18. I still eat them to this day and I am almost 26 and in the military. Nothing says amazing lunch like one or two of these delicious meals!

  19. I ate these until I was 18. Pretty much was a meal for me..I’d eat them 3 times a day. I did however change my diet as I got older, so I did quit eating them. But, ah nostalgia.

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