#33 Nickelodeon Guts Was Hardcore.

The competitions on this show all looked extremely difficult. They had legitimate young athletes battling it out in a bunch of crap that I don’t think I could do now. Anyway, after all these events the final showdown was The Aggro Crag which consisted of climbing a giant fabricated mountain while activating targets along the way. In retrospect, this was probably the most difficult kids game show of all time. When you add in the level of competitors and the skill required for these competitions, this is like American Gladiators except it’s for kids… and minus the gladiators.


12 responses to “#33 Nickelodeon Guts Was Hardcore.

  1. Anyone ever notice that every single Guts episode had three types of competitors? The “Golden Child Athlete”, the stereotypical nerd, and the average kid.

  2. I was watching old GUTS reruns one day and AJ from the backstreet boys was on the episode I was watching. He was in his teens but I recognized him right away.

  3. I wish GUTS came on again. or better yet, Global GUTS. that was awesome! and more “diverse”.

  4. Mike O’Malley, host of GUTS, now stars on Glee.

  5. I LOVED that show. Has anyone seen Ninja Warrior? It’s this Japanese shows where serious athletes compete on this insane series of obstacle courses. I can’t help drawing comparisons whenever i watch.

  6. i wanted to be on this show sooo bad. i always thought the aggro crag looked like a breeze. legends of the hidden temple seemed fun too, except when the guys would jump out and capture you!

  7. This was my favorite game show. I actually liked it more than Hidden Temple, because it was so intense. I always wanted to be on the show, crush the Aggro Crag (it was all about timing), and talk to Maura (I think), her accent was cool. Not to mention I wanted to win all that cool stuff!

  8. I’m totally cool with an understanding that Guts is American Gladiators, Jr. Good call!

  9. Remember when both Guts and American Gladiators were both revamped? Yeah, I forgot too.

  10. It’s sad that kids these days would look at Guts and get winded just by thinking of it. The 90s didn’t leave much room for being a lazy fatass. Today’s kids rarely seem to leave the couch.

  11. I can NOT skate!!!!

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