#34 Scholastic Book Orders… Yay?

OK, so here is one of the most confusing childhood tendencies ever, definitely a concept I can’t wrap my mind around: I HATED READING AS A KID. HATED IT. But, when my teachers handed out those Scholastic Book Orders, I wanted every friggin’ book in the catalog, all of it! And my parents, encouraged by my desire to read would order me masses of books which was very satisfying. Then, later when the books actually arrived, I wanted nothing to do with them. I’m not sure what it is about the catalog that made me insist I wanted pages and pages of child literature but the second it arrived, I wanted my action figures and nothing else.


43 responses to “#34 Scholastic Book Orders… Yay?

  1. I always ordered Mad Libs from those things!

  2. I ordered Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 from one of those things.

  3. I was (an still am) a huge reader, so I went freaking nuts over those things. At one point, I was receiving 9 Goosebumps books (from 3 clubs) and 3 Babysitter’s Club: Little Sister or whatever in the mail every month (or every other month, I forget). I’m 22, and I still get all giddy when my little siblings bring their order forms home.

  4. I always ordered goosebumps from these. I remember whenever they came out my brother and I would always spend like an hour looking through it

  5. I think they put some kind of visual crack on the pages of those catalogs. They made the books look so much more appealing. I remember I ordered a book abo9ut the human skeleton which came with a giant skeleton figure. I didn’t read a single page of that book but the skeleton was added to my action figure collection. I wanted every book there was (even though I did enjoy reading) I’m an 84 kid so my books may vary but I loved ‘The Ghost Twins” and “The Boxcar Children”… those were the days when Ghosts and Orphans could solve crimes.

    • I had that book too!! Got it from the catalog & remember the skeleton. Don’t really think I ever looked at the book either, though. Haha

  6. My mom probably spent over $2000 on books from Scholastic, Troll, and the like over the course of my elementary and middle school education. Though I actually did read all the books. Some of them, multiple times. What has two thumbs, no friends, and loves to read? *points* This girl.

  7. I was always SOOO excited to order those books too! My oldest daughter, who’s in preschool right now, just brought home her first order form about two weeks ago. Ya’ know what? I’m still just as excited to order, I wanted to order her a bunch even though we have almost every children’s book known to man! I kept it to only three books but she was super excited to get them when they came in at school!!

  8. I just got embarrassingly excited over this. I’d spend hours looking through the catalogs. They should make them adults. Maybe I’d actually buy my college textbooks if I got to order them through a scholastic book order.

  9. I used to take them home and circle all the books I wanted. Which was like thirty. My mom would tell me to narrow it down to two or three so I would. Then I’d give it to her. I’ve grown to realize that we could not afford the books in there and my mom would just take it and put it away until I forgot about it. I never got a single book I wanted.

    • I was going to say me too except I did get books from it fairly often. I hated having to narrow it down to one or two, though. The worst was when we got two book orders in a couple weeks (I’m not sure why that happened, but it did a few times), and I’d order something from the first one, then see something twice as good in the second, but not be allowed to get it.

  10. I remember getting those books after I ordered them and being so excited to get a chance to read them…I read Goosebumps, American Girl, Babysitter’s Club, and Boxcar Children…and the Oregon Trail Children.

    I had a huge trunk full of books as a kid and I read every single one of them.

  11. WIN! WIN! WIN!

  12. Do you what’s scary? I’m a teacher now and I go nuts over Scholastic Book Orders! I made sure my kids get them and even type of a note to parents suggesting books to buy. As teachers, we get points for every dollar spent and I go crazy over these! And I thought I was obsessed as a child….

  13. Every. Single. Farside. Comic.

    My teacher wanted to have a talk with me, b/c she thought I was warping my mind. Thank god for Scholastic.

  14. I would get my parents to order the Animorphs series. When they would arrive, I would eagerly start at the first page and flip-book it to the last page while watching the kid in the corner morph into an animal. I still have no idea what those books were about.

    • Animorphs was probably THE most underrated children’s book series ever, and it’s probably because thematically, they were far too mature for the age group they were written for. Children didn’t grasp all of the deeper issues they presented, and they were aimed at too young of a crowd for teenagers to be caught dead reading them.

  15. Scholastic book orders bring back such fond memories… *sigh

  16. I loved the scholastic book orders!! I used to get the Fear Street books and Point books by authors like Dean Koontz, R.L.Stine(pre goosebumps) and my favorite I think was all the Christopher Pike series. Also, I liked to get all the cute animal posters. My bedroom wall was completely covered with posters of dogs, cats, and bunnies! I still have a bunch of those books.

  17. Oh my gosh! Me toooo! I wanted so many books, but I was only ever allowed two or three, so I had to prioritize.


  19. I used to want to order stuff from there too but my parents usually made me check things out from the library instead. I would get so excited when the Book Fair would come to school and they’d sell the books there. I’d always see the newest Animorphs that wasn’t at the library yet. OMG Animorphs was the shit.

  20. RIGHT! How funny is this! I use to do the same thing! Absolutely hated reading but those flyers came and I wanted every single book in it. Got alot of books but then got home and went and played outside. I blame the bright colors! lol

    Does anyone remember reading for a pizza party?…it was a national thing I believe. Had to get to a certain level and if your entire class got to that level you got an awesome pizza party…what was it called? Please help if you remember!

  21. @Laura: are you thinking of BookIt? I’m not sure if they did parties, but they did offer personal pizzas, and I believe they still do!

    I was spoiled. My mom let me get as many books as I wanted from those book clubs. Wow, such memories. And I LOVED when the book fair came. It was like the book club, only the books were ACTUALLY THERE. And cool stickers. And bookmarks!

  22. lmao i was ALWAYS excited when those came out…i wanted everything they had in them too….i just hope they do the same thing for my nieces when they are old enough for them cause im going to get just as exctied as i was when i was a kid.

  23. I got lucky one day in 5th grade and my mom let me order the huge super bundle for Girls on the last page. When it came it was not awesome, huge, or come with lots of sparkley things. What a bummer 😦

  24. My first job out of high-school was working for Scholastic. Which in itself was not fun. No AC during the summer in a factory with about 200+ people packing in it all day = Very hot. Not heating during the winter = several layers of clothing all the time, and occasional machine break downs due to extreme cold. Nine straight hours standing in front of a conveyor belt putting book after book on the line. The one, huge plus to working there? 90% off any books they have. Bought the entire Harry Potter, Eragon, and Percy Jackson series for under $10. Plus any awesome toys they put out, like the Star Wars bobble heads, and some fun little DS games for my little brother, who is incredibly jealous of the fact I got to work there.

  25. Oh man! I remember crying when I thought I missed my chance to get the book based on the third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. The irony of this fact is not lost on me in my old age.

    Weren’t they always like one or two behind on Goosebumps books, too?

  26. Oh man, these were amazing. I ordered so many books from them, and I read each and every one. I have three whole containers filled with nothing but book order books. You know the big boxes they came in? I once ordered so much there was an ENTIRE BOX filled with nothing but my order. I had to take it home in that box, too. Heck, I ordered so much that when I got to sixth grade (book orders were only given to fifth graders and below), my fifth grade teacher gave me a copy and let me order stuff from it, and she would let me go and pick it up after class. Good time.

  27. I don’t know how they did it but advertisement on these things were amazing. It didn’t matter how much you hated reading you loved these book orders.

  28. Ha! I bought so many books from those. I still have several of the Calvin and Hobbes.

  29. Every time there was a Book Fair or a Book Order, I went friggin nuts. I feel so jealous of my cousins when they bring home order forms and stuff from the fairs.

  30. I ordered and became a member of the box car children club

  31. I used to circle the things I wanted and give it to my mom. I rarely if ever got anything. I usually went for the “learn to do magic-like tricks with SCIENCE!” products.

  32. The back page of Scholastic was always the coolest. I’d look at the back page first, then work my way backwards to the actual books.
    The back page always had the spy kits and things like that 🙂

  33. Sadly buying physical books might become a memory for the next generations that is a mythical tale we tell our grandkids. ”When I was your age grandchild we read books made out of paper”……. ”While you are old!!!!”

  34. As a girl who’s going to college to be a writer I can say for a fact that whenever Scholastic Book Orders came around my mother dreaded it. She had to limit me to picking six books of which she would pick three. I picked books that were 3 grade levels higher than my own class. By the way, reading is awesome and you should encourage every child to do so.\

  35. Oh man… I remember those….I waited until the teacher handed them out, then look it over when i was riding the bus home, and frantically tell mom i wanted this and this, and that, oh and that too! I do remember one thing that i wish i still had from those things…. It was a rock collection, they sent you a special rock/crystal and some cards, and all sorts of other things in the mail every month, man i was so excited to get those in the mail every month, i was recieving that for some years too! I miss that! 🙂

  36. My mother would almost NEVER buy the stuff from the book order catalogs. I had to beg and plead for a book that I really wanted. Some people don’t know how good they had it…sheesh.

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