#35 Riding The Magic School Bus Would Be Awesome.

The Magic School Bus books and cartoon were two of my personal favorites. Sadly, a lot of the kids in my class thought riding the “Magic School Bus” was an attainable dream. Personally, I think that Ms. Frizzle was allowed to go on crazy adventures by consuming some heavy duty drugs. I also assume she was distributing those same drugs to the kids, which allowed them to follow her on the journey. I think I had perfect attendance for one year based solely on the fact that I held out hope that my bus ride would turn magical. Unfortunately, my driver was no Ms. Frizzle and the most magical thing my bus ever did was break down and make me late enough to miss a spelling test that I wasn’t prepared for.


14 responses to “#35 Riding The Magic School Bus Would Be Awesome.

  1. Thats funny now that I think about it those characters were all on shrooms to make that bus go vroom hahaha Love that show.

  2. Now that I think about it all those characters must of been on shrooms to make that bus go vroom haha love it!

  3. You ever play those interactive games on the PC?

    It’s about as close as you can get to the real thing.

    • The Magic School bus computer game was FIRE. I played for hours. I learned so much shit about our solar system and the human body in those games, it was ridiculous.

    • Yes! I loved that game x3 i only got to play it at school but it was worth it

  4. I remember so many episodes. The Magic Schoolbus was one of my favorite shows ever, and I occasionally still hum the theme 🙂

  5. I hated that girl Phoebe. All she talked about was how awesome her old school was. WTF? Everybody is sick and tired of you making elitist claims every episode.

  6. When I was in elementary school, Ms. Frizz came to my school and talked about… sciency stuff all crazy like.
    Now, it was probably some redheaded crazy lady the school hired to talk to us at an assembly. And by probably I mean it was.
    But in my mind I like to think the Magic School Bus was right outside and that was really Ms. Frizz.

  7. Oh god, I kid you not, I had a dream last night I was on the MSB. The Frizz and everything. It was awesome.

  8. @Scooter: Sounds as if you may know someone of that same kinda character.

    @LightEffexor: You might be experiencing the same affects of the ‘shrooms @TheSage mentioned. j/k

  9. Westchesterfieldsville

    This was an awesome show. Found out a few years later that my grandmother knew the guy who created the books and he named the character Phoebe after her. Luckily the character Phoebe’s personality is total fiction XD

  10. Shows like this and Bill Nye are why I love science so much. No wonder the kids I know these days are so bored with school. They don’t have any, educational, FUN shows.

  11. I still watch this show with my nephew who is 6 he absolutely loves it and I’m happy I can share part of my childhood with him!!! tv shows aren’t the same! we had great shows with out all the vulgarity and and sex and now tv is just not the same!

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