#36 Uncle Joey Is A Creeper.

Danny played the role of the prude, strict father. Jessie was definitely the cool Uncle. Then there was Joey. In a way, Joey was a candidate for “cool Uncle” buuuut he gave off a few too many creepy vibes. Was it the corny, obnoxious jokes? I don’t know. Perhaps it was the “cut-it-out” thing he used to do? Or maybe, just maybe it’s the fact that he rarely showed interest in women his age throughout the entire series. Yes! That’s it. Any man in his thirties who is content telling jokes, doing sound effects and Popeye impressions to his three young nieces is automatically labeled a weirdo.


8 responses to “#36 Uncle Joey Is A Creeper.

  1. Upping the creeper factor even more was that he wasn’t the girls’ actual uncle, they just called him that. He was just Danny’s friend, a bum of a comic living in the Tanners’ basement and eating their food.

  2. He wasn’t even related to them, he was just friends of the dad.

  3. I am firmly of the opinion that Danny and Joey were (subtextually) dating.

  4. Dude, Joey and Danny were totally gay together.

  5. Just as a side, there was at LEAST one instance where Joey shows interest in/dates a female his own age, only to have Jessie swoop in and steal her. Maybe he lost all hope in adult women… and that’s what started the whole Joey/Danny gay love thing?

  6. Plus not to mention he let Alanis Morisette go down on him in a movie theater *shudders*

  7. He’s Peter Pan. He just never grew up. Chill.

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