#38 We Missed Our Shot At Being On A Nickelodeon Game Show.

Wild & Crazy Kids, What Would You Do, Double Dare and Figure It Out were some of my top choices. We would’ve had a blast taking pies to the face, getting slimed, choosing the physical challenge and meeting Cuba Gooding’s brother, Omar on Wild & Crazy Kids. Unfortunately as a kid I was nowhere near the vicinity of these shows filming locations and I never got to experience anything like it. I envy the small group of people in the world today who can say they were on a Nickelodeon game show… But if there’s anyone out there reading this who was on one, tell me, was it as amazing as I think it was?


96 responses to “#38 We Missed Our Shot At Being On A Nickelodeon Game Show.


    (And yes, as a kid, there was no greater “f#ck you” feeling than sitting at home on the weekend in the middle of February during a snowstorm…and watching a team of lucky bastards have a blast sliding down a raft to complete a challenge on Wild ‘N Crazy Kids.)

  2. I wanted to be on Secrets of the Hidden Temple myself. I loved that show, but the temple guards scared me.

  3. I was on double dare once, but I barely remember it, I was probably 10 or 11, and I’m 16 now. I accidently cheated (yes, accidently, I swear!) and when I came home my whole family yelled at me because it was totally obvious on tv. I really had no idea. I was almost on slime time live but unfortunately I was too young (by a few months!) It was when the kid who played Max Keeble in Max Keeble’s Big Move was there, cause I remember accidently running into him @ Universal Studios. He was a pretty cool dude, but his agent or assistant, whomever she was, she seemed pretty mean.

  4. One of my best friends in high school was on Wild & Crazy Kids. My husband got slimed for a commercial, wasn’t actually on a show. I sent in applications for both Figure It Out and Legends of the Hidden Temple, but never got on either (LOTHT ended up being canceled before I would have had the chance, and FIO never even sent a rejection letter).

  5. Yeah, Cami … Double Dare ended in ’93. Max Keeble was on ’01. When you were “ten” or “eleven”, that was in ’04-ish. lol you’re not very good at lying

    • she’s probably talking about double dare 2000. it was basically an updated version of the show, but was still just as awesome

  6. It did? Hah, then I don’t know what the heck I was on. My bad! All I know was it involved hulu hoops, other kids, and a host. I’ll go grab my scrapbook and check if I still got the tickets. Got the Nickelodeon Studios ticket but nothing about double dare. I know I remember doing Double Dare, but maybe it was just something to entertain the Universal Studios guests, and it wasn’t recorded. Still doesn’t explain my family informing me of my accidental cheating. I don’t remember jack sh*t from my childhood. Oh well, still pretty fun . And I’m not good at lying? Why would I lie about being on Double Dare? If I were gonna lie about something like that, I’d get my facts straight and not lie about being on a show that stopped airing before I was even born. And even then, still no point in lying..especially to strangers online. But anyway, I still wish I could have gotten slimed..even though I heard it doesn’t smell too great.

    • you must mean double dare 2000

    • If you’re 16, you’re still in your childhood. It’ll last another 3 to 5 years, depending on how the next 1 or 2 go. Make it count, and make it last!

    • This is going to be the best question I have ever asked anyone: Did it involve wearing oversized pants that teammates had to throw things into? If so..then I did the exact same thing.

      • This is the best thing EVER. I did the same exact thing when my family and I went to Universal Studios when I was little. My mom and I had to wear oversized pants and we had to throw oversized cookies into them! I think that was around 1999…

      • oh my god… I did the same thing. I remember the host called me out of the audience to throw cookies into the pants of someone with huge pants on. So many times I’ve told people I was on the show because I literally had this memory that I was on TV- but I always “missed” the airing. This explains so much now!!

  7. Im 27. i remember Nick arcade and i always wanted to be on it. hosted by the iconic mike o’malley (LOL). if memory serves me right he was also on one game show called get the picture that aired on nick many a year ago O.o

  8. Dude, don’t forget Legends of the Hidden Temple. I would’ve died to get on that show. I loved watching it, and then yelling at the idiots who couldn’t get the 3-piece monkey idol together, after completing stuff that seemed a lot harder.

    • I used to get pissed about that, too! I used to say every time that if I were on the show I would’ve completed the monkey way before the timer went out.

  9. I was never on tv, but when I was a kid I went to Knott’s Berry Farm in sountheen CA . One time when I went J.D. Roth, who hosted one of those shows, was there doing a version if the show. I got onstage and was slimed! It was a blast

  10. I always wanted to be on GUTS. The AgroCrag would have been a cake walk for my 11 year old self… or so I used to say.

  11. Actually I didn’t 🙂 Remember Uh oh?? Well, it came here once, and my friends and I participated/watched.

  12. My 8th grade history (I’m 21 now) teacher was on Double Dare when she was in 8th grade (she’s about 35 now). She said it was fun but she said Mark Summers was an ass (which I don’t doubt). She also became known as the “whipped cream” girl. We got to watch the episode on the last day of class.

    • He’s a compulsive handwasher, I know that about him. He always seems nice on TV, smiling and talking cheery and whatnot.

      • I remember once seeing a biography-type show about him. He was down on his hands and knees making sure all the fringe on his area rug was perfectly straight. O_o

    • He has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He probably didn’t mean to come off as rude.

      • Yep. Double Dare must have been torture for him, so if he came across as a bit of a jerk, it’s a little understandable. (That’s assuming he’s only like that there, of course. He could just be a jerk.)

      • Holy– completely off topic, but I was reading the comments and came across the name ‘Leigha’. Bout shat brix because I’ve never seen anyone else that had the same name as I do and spelled the same as well xD Pretty awesome.

    • About three years ago my dad met Mark Summers on the street in Greenwich (CT). He said he was super nice, and when my dad mentioned that my sister and I watch his show “Unwrapped” on the Food Network and asked for an autograph he told him he could send us autographed head shots. He followed through and even personalized them. I don’t know how he was back in the day, but he seems to be a pretty good guy now.

  13. When I was about 13 (2002), I got to play a game on Slime Time Live. I was in Florida on vacation and they were doing a show the day I was in Universal Studios. I had a lot of fun because I got to see where everybody got prepped before all the events took place. I got slimed pretty good, haha. Afterwards, people were staring at my white tennis shoes splattered with green goo.

  14. I always wanted to be on Guts, Wild and Crazy Kids, and Legends. Those shows ruled so hard. I wanted a piece of the Agro-Crag to put atop my fire place so I could tell the grandkids about the awesomeness of Nick in the 90s. I was actually at one of the Double Dare/What would you do? Gameshow Tours they did back in like 92 or 93 but I wasn’t old enough to participate in the games! I miss Mark Summers…sigh*

  15. I was on Slime Time Live when i was younger. It was an awesome experience, and gave me a first hand look into TV. Since it was live, my family got my grandmother to record it. I still have the tape. I ended up winning with some other random girl, and got a karaoke machine.

  16. Yea, I live in Orlando and I was in one of the shows once.
    I would say that it was worth it, it was insanely fun. Especially knowing that I was on TV doing it.
    I was on Slimetime live 2000, or w/e it was called.
    I didn’t get slimed 😦

  17. What about Global Guts? I would have died to be on that show! Same with Legends of the Hidden Temple.

  18. I remember going to one of the Double Dare tour things and this girl sitting RIGHT in front of me got chosen to participate, and I was SO upset because I thought it was going to be on TV. Of course it wasn’t, but I was young. Maybe 7 or 8. But I definitely remember going to that with my mom & dad.

  19. I was on one when I went to Universal Studios and they still filmed there, sometime in the mid-late 90’s? I don’t know if it was on tv or not but it was in front of a crowd… It was something with a dog and an alligator and that’s all I remember, lol.

  20. I was one of the lucky ones. I grew up only 45 minutes from Universal, so I was able to attend a lot of tapings. I was pretty sure that Josh Server and I were going to carry on a torrid love affair… I’m proud to say I’ve been slimed 3 times. 90’s Nickelodeon, we salute you.

  21. i was on wild and krazy kids.
    we were on those plastic tonka bigwheels. and we had to race down the mall then turn around and race back. It was also teh same episode where we had to make sure a giant tooth was clean … by cleaning it with heavy giant toothbrushes…. greatest family vacation to orlando ever

    • Words cannot explain my jealousy. I’m 23, and these shows were my childhood. I built a Mega-Super-Duper-Ultra Crag in my basement out of boxes to practice for when I got my shot on Guts.

    • I am so jealous!!! That is one of the one episodes of Wild & Crazy Kids I can remember.

  22. man the kids on legends of the hidden temple pissed me off so much hahaha. why couldn’t anyone put together the freakin silver monkey??

  23. I used to live in Fla, and one time took a tour of Nickelodeon Studios backlots. I remember having a sighting when Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All drove by sitting in a golf cart, and I remember feeling starstruck. Later on, they taught us about Slime, and how there is 2 different types: One they use to slime people with a light consistency, and a more edible kind with a thicker, goopier consistency. I unfortunately wasn’t slimed but got chosen to sample it. It tasted like vanilla pudding.

  24. I came SO close to getting on Slimetime Live 2000! We were on a family vacation in Orlando, but ended up not going to the taping because I was the only sibling old enough to have a shot at participating :[

  25. This isn’t so much 90’s as it is 00’s- but somehow when I was younger my mom got us into a taping of Double Dare 2000. For some reason I feel like it was hosted by Marc Summers still, instead of that other douchy looking dude? Idk, but it was cool! And then we got into Slime Time Live, ugh the douchebaggery of that show. But it was fun at the time, Dave Aizer pulled up my and my friends and let us do a commercial break outro w/ him and his co-hosts Jessica and the dude w/ the dreads. She was nice and let me wear her sweater cause I was cold, hahaha.

    I always wanted to be on Legend of the Hidden Temple though. I always told myself if I ever got on that show I’d hit the Temple Guards that jump out and try to snatch your pendant. Haha.

    • i got to take issue with that. I definitely remember it being in the 90s – it may have been in some of the 2000s as well but definitely was in the 90s

    • 90srule/oldschoolnick

      by the way, I will admit that I have a little envy at everyone getting on these shows – haha, I always wanted to get slimed. It’s sounds like you had some good times. I actually heard that some one at this past kids choice awards actually said thank you for not sliming me. Don’t you want to get slimed ? that’s the fun of it. old school nick ruled.

  26. I wanted to be on either Legends of the Hidden Temple or GUTS. The Agro-Crag? Hells yes! I think you should add those to your game show list.

  27. My best friend got to be slimed on Slime Time Live, and he has the VHS recording of it.

    He won in votes by like 40% over the other two guys. Apparently, the slime tasted like applesauce. I’m still jealous of him!

  28. I was almost on Wild and Crazy Kids once. They came to my area and my aunt brought me. I remember it mostly as being kind of boring. I got chosen out of the crowd but then they decided not to air the episode because all the stunts were so meh.

  29. I wanted to be on Get the Picture or Nick Arcade… Guts had the Agrocrag, but it involved far too much agility–which I didn’t possess at the time.

  30. So from the age of 6 until I went off to college, I lived in a suburb of Orlando, FL and nothing better was the weekly visits to filmings of EVERY Nickelodeon game show. That’s right, in 1991, my mom was the FIRST PERSON EVER in the pie pod (this was such a new concept that they didnt give her goggles or anything to cover her actual clothing) when my dad refused to shave his mustache. My second oldest brother was the first person to be in the pie pod with a plastic covering on him. My third oldest brother was on Legends of the Hidden Temple and won the grand price.. a week at Space Camp, A set of Jansport luggage and a 35mm camera. I was on a show that only lasted for 2 seasons called You’re On and won the grand prize too, a Jeep Boombox. And of course, we went to countless tapings of Double Dare.. so much so that we became family friends with Marc Summers and he began coming to our house dinner once a month… And lastly, we attended countless tapings of Figure it Out with SUMMMMMMER SAAANDERSSSSS. There my friends, is a life as an Orlando child.

  31. I was on Slime Time Live for like 3 rounds! 🙂 but it was a while ago so I barely remember it ^~^

  32. I got to be on Slime Time Live. One of the coolest days of my life! 🙂

  33. I was never on a game show but I did get to compete in a nickelodeon game. When I was in 4th grade (around 1998ish) Nick was touring malls around the country and having games set up. They had people dressed in Rugrats and Ren and Stimpy outfits.

    Anyway I got chosen to play a game on stage. There were two teams of three. Each team had a boy, a girl and an adult. We have to basically take sponges and put them in water and squeeze the water into a glass on the adults head. Whoever got the water to cross the line first one. My team won and I received a nickelodeon water bottle.

  34. How about those little assholes from Legends of the Hidden Temple that couldn’t figure out for the life of them how to put the goddamn monkey together. I’m sure I’m not the only one who at one time or another found myself screaming at them LOL. also, my brother was actually on Slimetime Live! He played Spongebutt Wetpants haah he had a sponge on his butt and had to dip it into a pool and then empty it into a bucket. He didn’t win though haha

  35. I was on double dare when i was 9. I got slimed on TV, I still have no idea what episode I was on or when it Aired. It would be fun to go back and see it actually.

  36. When I was about 10 I got slimed! They made me wear a red jumpsuit and let me shower in the sketchy shower in the back of the studio afterwards. It was and is still one of the best childhood memories ever. It tasted just like applesauce

  37. I envy all of you people that were on a show, I was slimed at Nickolodeon studios during one fo the tours, picked out of like 30 or 40 other kids there so that was cool. Actually itwas a lifechanging experience

  38. I was on Family double dare 2000, you can see it on youtube if you search red rockets vs blue monkeys. We were the red rockets.It was an epic time and from what i remember the hour or so before you get suited up in all the helmet jumpsuit and shoe gear they put you into this room with nickelodeon on tv and nothing but candy and soda to eat and drink. When we were about to get on stage we(my family and I) were so hyper. The two teams were the first ever on family double dare 200o to tie and we both got to run the obstical course. I got to go first and slide down this gak(pudding) covered slide into a huge pile of choclate sauce and whipped cream. If it wasnt for the stupid mom on the other team who wasted about 30 precious seconds on trying to find the damn flag in the pizza that we were all yelling the location of we might have made it to the final station but low and behold we only made it to stage 4 and ended up with some movie passes, a VCR, an electonic key board, and new bikes. All in all it was a most memorable experience that wont soon be forgotten.

  39. Sorry I take that back its not on youtube anymore i was going to post a link but nickelodeon must feel they need compensation for displaying those videos.

  40. I was on slime time live. It was awesome. The pies were just pure whipped cream

  41. I was actually on Slime Time Live as a contestant. I didn’t win though but they slimed me after the show

  42. I was born in January of 96 in cleveland, I am 15 and wish very much that i could have been on one of those shows i had satellite and that allowed me to see nick gas channel

  43. when i was about 8 or 9 i got slimed in a little swiming pool in a nick studio in orlando florida. I think it was for a game show but I do not remember which one it was. I do remember however changing into a special slime outfit that was too large for my little body, and then sitting in a pool while they spilled a bucket or two of slime on me, then they wrapped me in a towel and i was able to take a shower there. I do also remember tasting slime, and it tasted like a mixture or applesauce and cold medicine, i also tried gac and that was pretty awesome.

  44. I was on one, don’t remember which when i was little, I’ll tell you this: the slime was REALLY cold… and I deffinitely embarrassed myself. xD

  45. I was actually on Figure it Out with my dad back in 1997. It was a parent/kid special edition they had going. Our hidden talent/phrase was – “Past and Present Pinball Wizards”. They contacted my dad to be on the show after I won an international junior pinball tournament. It was a ton of fun, although we missed out by like 10 seconds for the grand prize trip. Summer Saunders was really nice as well as the Nick stars on the guessing panel.

  46. I was never on a show, but I did get to participate in the double dare part of the Nickelodeon tour at Universal Studios in Orlando. It must have been 1993 and I was about 8, and I am proud to say I got to fling rubber chickens with a slingshot into my aunt’s pants. I also remember the HORROR of seeing some child on the tour taste slime, and then being disappointed when it wasn’t disgusting, and being absolutely awestruck at seeing Clarissa’s “bedroom” on one of the “sets”. Still not sure if it was actually filmed there, or if they were just teasing me… I loved Clarissa ❤

  47. I was never on one (sadly) but I did see the set of Figure It Out when I went to Universal in 1998. We got to go on a tour and see all the sets. They also did have a live Double Dare game, but it wasn’t on TV and they didn’t have the actual host or anything. I got to play an Angry Beavers game with that. But like I said, it was only a tour show.

  48. I also had a drawing on U-Pick Live’s art gallery about 8 years ago (I drew Twister from Rocket Power). Sadly I never saw the episode it was on, but my sister saw it.

  49. I was on a new one they were going to do but never did. My friends that I went with were actually contestants. It was really super cool and everyone was very nice. I WAS 9 at the time, so that could be why they were nice, but it was fun!

  50. It’s almost as sad as the moment you realize you’re too old to be on Real World.

  51. Honestly I’d rank a piece of the Agrocrag right up there with an Olympic gold medal…

  52. Legends of the Hidden Temple is, without a doubt, the greatest game show in the history of game shows. It’s probably the biggest regret of my childhood that I did not get to be on it.

    Also, my mom didn’t like us to watch Guts because she didn’t like the name, but we secretly did anyway.

  53. Well, I wasn’t on an actual show, but I did tour the studios. It was in 1998 or so and I was 5 at the time. I remember looking down into the Figure it Out set and seeing Summer Sanders talking with a producer or someone, which was pretty awesome since I absolutely loved that show.

    The rest of the tour was cool too, but the best part was at the end when we went to the Game Lab, and I was chosen to test out a new game idea for a show. It was the Angry Beavers game where you were on either Dagget’s team or Norbert’s team, and had to pass a fake log over your head to the person behind you, and under your legs to the person in front. I was so small that I couldn’t reach it when it was put over people’s heads, that I got to “cheat” and they would turn around and give it to me. I have a picture somewhere. If I find it I’ll post it.

    I remember telling everyone that I was going to be on TV, and that they needed to watch Nick all the time to see me. Unfortunately, that day never came, but I will never forget participating. It was the highlight of my childhood. (:

  54. I lived 45 minutes away from where they filmed it and I still could never get on the shows. Don’t worry. It wasn’t easy getting on those shows no matter how close you lived.

  55. I never got to be on a TV show, but one summer at church camp, we had some people from Nick bring slime and games and got to play on a stage in front of the whole camp. I got to bunk with Phil Moore’s (the Nick Arcade host)’s son. He walked in to my cabin followed by his son, and I immediately recognized him. I was too shocked to move or speak. Wish I had got his autograph.

  56. I was in the audience of a Double Dare Show back in the day when the show was still filmed in Philadelphia

  57. I was on one and got slimed – needless to say it was the single best day of my life to date.

  58. Legends of the Hidden Temple 🙂 But if I REALLY got my choice of what nick show I could have been on.. I would have been an extra in Are You Afraid of the Dark. 😀

  59. I was going to be on legends of the hidden temple but then Kirk Fogg hit on my mom and my dad punched him out.

  60. Does anyone remember the show Scaredy Camp? I wish I could have been on that…

  61. My boyfriend was on one of the earliest episodes of Legends of the Hidden Temple. He lived in Orlando and his sister had been on another Nickelodeon game show. His teammate actually finished the temple run by herself, which he didn’t mind but would have liked a chance to go in. 😉 But it won his team the grand prize, which was a trip to the Caribbean! He didn’t have much to say about the experience, only that it was a lot of fun and a very long day. They fed the contestants lots of sugar to keep them going. 🙂

  62. I still want to play Legends and Nick Arcade.

  63. I wish! I ALWAYS wanted to go to Nickelodeon studios, but we were too poor and I live in Illinois. Now its like an apartment building or offices or something. But I always was trying to think of a talent to get on Figure it Out cause I had the biggest crush on Danny. LOL

  64. I grew up in South Orlando (currently 25 years old and not living there). Anyhow, the hit TV show GUTS (with Mike O’Malley and Mo and the AGGROCRAG) was created by my friend Allison Fishman’s dad (we were in 5th grade together). He came to our class and showed us a ton of cool storyboard-type sketches proposing different physical events and prototypes of the aggrocrag, one of which showed kids climbing an ENORMOUS Kooshball-like mountain whilst getting slimed in the face. Love this blog.

  65. I don’t know any of the shows mentioned but I live in Atlantic Canada without the Nick channel but we did have Uh-Oh where kids played crazy games and got slimmed by the punisher! One year when i was at Universal Studio I got slimmed! Not quite as cool as Uh-Oh but it made me the coolest kid in my class for a while.

  66. This post saddens me. I will NEVER be on Wild & Crazy Kids. EVER. Not only am I just too old, I’m horribly out of shape and I doubt they would have ever made the trip anywhere close to where I live.

  67. I was on slime time live and won. Instead of a bike or something cool like a bike they gave me a crappy game system with an antenna that only worked on with multiplayer and never caught on. Never once used it : (

  68. what about the show finders keepers?! da bomb!

  69. Well, I can’t remember when it was, but before Islands of adventure open, when it was still being made, but you could see it from a distance from the Nick studios, I was picked to be slimed in front of people.

    It tasted like apple sauce, I still have the certificate that said I was slimed. That was about the only thing I ever got to do at the studio. Never got to watch a taping there, or was a contestant

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