#39 Cat Is An A**hole.

Dog just wanted to have a good time and Cat, like a prick, was constantly shooting him down. I don’t know if the fact that I love dogs much more than cats in real life comes into play here but the fact of the matter is that Cat was always bitching about one thing or another. Dog wanted to eat tacos and go on adventures but he had Debbie the Downer attached to him, blurting out reasons not to live life to the fullest. If I was dog, I would’ve looked into getting extensive surgery to have Cat aka “Fun Cancer” removed.


13 responses to “#39 Cat Is An A**hole.

  1. I wasn’t allowed to watch catdog 😦

  2. there actually was one episode where dog had the chance to get rid of cat but turned it down. why? i have no clue… cause cat really was a jerk about everything

  3. Ever since watching The Human Centipede, I find this very disturbing.

  4. The one thing I liked about Cat was that he kept all his action figures in the box.

    They look so pretty in the boxes. :/

  5. Er…I always wondered how they went to the bathroom.

  6. So…. how did Dog chase his tail?

  7. You’d be pissed off too if you had to shit those tacos dog ate out of your mouth.

  8. its irony guys…
    cats have “7 lives” but cat was afraid to live, dogs don’t and he wanted to experience everything he could!

  9. I always hated Dog, probably because of the fire hydrant episode… He’s so inconsiderate of cat! (though I like cats more than dogs, so I may have a bias, especially since my personality is more like Dog’s). I always wondered if he got some kind of joy out of making Cat’s life miserable, because he didn’t want to separate from him when he got the chance

  10. “eat tacos and go on adventures”

  11. If you were attached to a dog, you would be annoyed as hell too. I promise this a thousand times over.

  12. Did I watch a different show? Because I recall Cat always getting the short end of the stick in just about every episode and Dog not giving the slightest care about his brother’s well-being.

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