#41 We Spent Countless Hours Playing Goldeneye.

When it comes to the 90s, I don’t think there’s a single game that I spent more time playing than GoldenEye. There was nothing like running through caves, basements, libraries, bunkers and caverns, busting caps in all kinds of asses. Then you could do multi-player and bust caps in your friends asses. If you were like me,  you put in cheat codes so that you could be invisible or have infinite health and you ran through levels killing fools like Rambo… Or James Bond. Anyway, if you don’t have an N64, find one and play GoldenEye immediately! This game NEVER gets old (Which is more than I can say about the subjects in Realization #40). Also, be on the lookout for a new version of GoldenEye that’s coming out for the Wii in the near future.


24 responses to “#41 We Spent Countless Hours Playing Goldeneye.

  1. And I just posted about my love for Goldeneye a few weeks ago (http://bit.ly/dooWQT), too. This is why I love your blog. I’m pretty sure I could defeat you though 😉

  2. I devoted more time to that game in a 2 year span then I ever did to school. In retrospect I’m glad I did and I’d do it all over again. By the way the new Goldeneye blows incase your wondering. They basically took all the wonderful things that made the first one great and left them out and added Daniel Craig just as an added slap in the face of anyone that ever loved the original.

  3. I used to trap people in room and set motion sensor bombs all around them. Best. Thing. Ever.

  4. OMG. i never owned an n64 in my life and this is even true about me….earlier this year i embarked on a journey to locate an n64 and this game, but lost my job before it was completed. 😦

  5. I still own a N64 and have ONE SINGLE GAME…guess which one? Yep, it still holds up (kind of).

  6. totally agree !! never had so much fun in my life* !!! after that I played countless hours on half life, counter strike, quake and now halo and COD, sure it’s nice, smooth and detailed, but goldeneye was THE game. I knew all the levels in all details, was totally kicking all my friend’s asses chasing them with the golden gun.

    great times, had almost as much fun racing on wipeout and grand tourismo on the playstation (yeah, I mean wipeout 1 and grand tourismo 1 on playstation 1) but killing people is just more cool.

    (* on a video game I mean)

  7. First of all, this entire site is great. Also, GOLDEN EYE WAS THE SHIT!!! But just want to mention something quickly. The game ‘Perfect Dark’, while not as good as Golden Eye, was still pretty awesome and gets zero recognition.

    • I LOVED Perfect Dark!! It wasn’t as incredible as Goldeneye in my opinion, since Goldeneye is the best video game ever, but Perfect Dark for the N64 was a ton of fun! Joanna Dark taking out the aliens, and the conspiracy by DataDyne Corp? Awesome. We used to play multiplayer a lot, we being the neighbor kids and myself…back when kids played with other kids and went outside and met people.


  9. I used to leave the background music on while I was trying to fall asleep, haha. I might actually get it for the Wii; it used to be so much fun!

  10. This game is so instilled in my head that everytime I get hurt (ie. having a brick fall on my head, receiving a vicious handslap, or finding myself surrounded by a plume of fire as a result of a detonated proximity mine) I always hear that sound that lets me know that I am being incapacitated.

  11. This game is the reason I decided to keep my N64. Just played it recently and I can still deliver the beat down on older brother on multiplayer. I am invincible with the Golden Gun.

  12. Woah, so this is the game my brother was always playing! I remember the graphics, but I wasn’t allowed to play. 😦

  13. Hours. Beyond ridiculous. And the best things were the battles with other people. If you played with the golden gun it was all over if someone got that their hands on that piece.

  14. license to kill, pistols, silenced pp7. every time.

  15. Such a great game. I love my n64 still. Owns the shit out of the 360 IMO

  16. Ah, a wonderful game indeed! But us 80s kids had it too and got far more fun out of it!!

  17. I don’t know why but whenever I tried to play this game alone as a teen back then, I’d always find myself scared of someone popping out from a corner and shooting at me frantically… Good times.

  18. the motion sensor bombs were my favorite weapon

  19. playing in the facility with the bathroom had constant hours of phone.

  20. I still have my n64, and all the games i had! i think i have more than 40… and i still play it! the n64 is an amazing system, and the 90’s era has been missed:( goldeneye was probably my favorite game, i spent hours using the cheatcodes and just having a fun time. I miss those days

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