#42 Too Sexy? Really?

So according to “Right Said Fred” in the song “I’m Too” they are too sexy for the following: Love, shirt, Milan,  New York, Japan, your party, car, hat, cat and the song itself. In addition they believe they are so sexy that it physically hurts. After hearing this, I searched Google image to see what they look like.  Now I’m a straight male, but I think it’s safe to say that these gentlemen aren’t too sexy for a paper bag.


8 responses to “#42 Too Sexy? Really?

  1. It’s satire.

  2. What Cole said, they were making fun of the muscle-heads at the gym. Makes me love the song even more after seeing that interview about the song.

  3. But it’s still an awesome song!

  4. That one looks like Hugh Laurie.

  5. If it makes any difference, Richard Fairbrass (the centre one) is gay, so perhaps the gay community view him differently!

  6. Right Said was a group?

  7. Y’know that’s just pointlessly mean.

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