#43 Easy Bake Ovens Are Chauvinistic.

As a dude who loves brownies and cookies, I normally wouldn’t complain about this but in retrospect, I have a couple of qualms with ‘em. If you wanted to purchase an Easy Bake Oven they were (and to this day, still are) located smack-dab in the middle of the girl’s toys section. To me, this means one of two things: either toy makers believe future women will inevitably end up in the kitchen OR they assume that no young dudes enjoy culinary arts and/or don’t know a thing about baking. I understand the segregation between Barbies and action figures but this is a different case. Does loving the preparation and consuming of baked sweets make a little boy less of a man? Absolutely not, so make an oven that isn’t hot pink and maybe parents can buy ‘em for boys too.


29 responses to “#43 Easy Bake Ovens Are Chauvinistic.

  1. Chuckie Cheese Pizza Factory.

  2. @Gamemasterjd I used to have one of those!

  3. the creepy crawler cooker was pretty much the same thing .. and scores of kids were showing up at e.r.’s with wicked burns caused by those little fuckers

  4. @Patricia except there are only girls on the packaging…

  5. If I ever have a son I’m buying him an Easy Bake oven. And I bet my boyfriend would have loved one as a kid, he loves baking 🙂

  6. I always wanted an easy bake oven as a kid. My neice got one last year and i had TONS more fun with it than she did 🙂

  7. I wanted an Easy Bake Oven as a kid, but my older brother was the one who ended up getting it for Christmas. I didn’t understand it then and I don’t understand it now, but to this day I give my mom crap for it!

    And FYI, my brother works in the Culinary Arts now so how about that??

  8. the one i had growing up was orange. i was born in ’82 and i’m a girl.

  9. i had a creepy crawlers cooker, and my sister had an easy bake oven. after her oven broke we figured out the creepy cooker was the same thing and could be rigged into replacing it. nothing makes your green and red scorpions more badass than coming out of the forge next to a tiny tray of brownies. also didn’t they release a creepy crawler cooker that made like gummy candy?

  10. Haha my sister had an easy bake oven and I had the girl version of the creepy crawlers. Dolly maker. You poured the same type of. Creepy crawler goop into molds that made flat rubber doll with rubber clothes to dress them in. I went through several goo and mold refills

  11. I hated those, since I wanted more than just two brownies. I wanted a whole tray full, so I just used the oven in our kitchen (with my parents help).

  12. I once got a Ice cream maker, which was awesome but I really wanted an Easy Bake Oven!

    • Haha, my sister got the ice cream maker, I got the Easy Bake Oven… whom did Mom and Dad love more? JK, truth is my sister melted her creepy crawly maker and hence couldn’t really be trusted not to burn the house down. Meanwhile, her ice cream maker sprung a leak once and made all the ice cream supremely salty. Ironically, she is now a much better cook than I, although I still wager I make a mean batch of ABC (Apple-Banana-Cinnamon, NOT Already Been Chewed!) muffins.

  13. i wanted one so bad one x-mas, so my dad got me one. when i opened it i cried because it was pink and “pink is ugly” so my dad returned it, called mr. easy bake and demanded they send a different color.

    six weeks later i had a red and yellow easy bake oven that matched perfectly with my tonka trucks and matchbox cars.

    however, my dad was still pleased when i turned out not to be a lesbian.

  14. Also I’d like to point out that it is ridiculous to expect a little kid to wait for a light bulb to cook a brownie. Most of the time my brother and I just ended up eating the batter half cooked.

  15. My little brother got an easy bake oven for Christmas a few years back. It was before they made it blue though.

  16. Oh yeah, I had one of those. I mean sure, I turned out to be gay, but I would have liked it if there was a boy on the box at least (to make me feel less weird about it). I also made Creepy Crawlers to make me feel more masculine 🙂

  17. I think, just for the sake of equality, there should have been Barbie Dolls devoted to war, fighting crime, and other violently awesome things. And there should have been boys’ action figures who were concerned with taking care of families and domestic ideals. And here’s an idea: Everybody gets pretty horses. Because pretty horses are outside of the gender debate. Am I right?

    • But.. but.. but… that would make Barbie masculine and GI Joe feminine, which would be “bad”!! D:

      Lol, I love that idea. One of the first times my parents took me to the toy store to pick something out for myself I went to the Barbie section and grabbed a Ken doll with a dalmatian. I didn’t really differentiate between “boy” toys and “girl” toys right off the bat. In retrospect, that concerned my parents but they thought it was OK as long as it involved animals and I suppose that convinced me, too. They were fine with buying me the pink-adorned Littlest Pet Shop toys because, again, involving animals. I was always a sensitive kid, and aware of a “cuteness” factor that other boys didn’t seem to get; so next to my Jurassic Park toys I’d have puppies and kittens and, goddammit, a Lisa Frank orca whale folder – but I had enough boy’s toys to throw other people, and myself, off.

      These days I’m accepting of the fact that I’m bisexual, but it took me a long time to figure that out – partially because of the very clear gender lines drawn by toy selection. I figured that because I spent my childhood mostly playing with toys designed for boys that I was 100% hetero. I really wish I had learned to question it earlier and I honestly think it would have been easier to accept if there had been toys that set that example and blurred the line, instead of trying to make me fit the masculine mold.

      OMG, I just remembered I had Barbie’s horse, too! XD
      Yes!! Pretty horses for everyone!

  18. FurryPedestrian

    I HAVE AN EASY BAKE OVEN!!!!! i bought it specifically cuz its PERFECT for makng “special brownies” if you catch my drift… its much cheaper and more efficient to make a single brownie at a time instead of a whole batch!

  19. I must have had an off-brand Easy Bake, because I remember mine being yellow and red–completely unisex. And it wouldnt bake for shit….

  20. I want an easy bake oven. 😦 But I live Aus, so it’s basically nertz to you from the states.

  21. I always wanted an easy-bake over (looked like fun), but was too scared to ask my parents for one because it was marketed for girls.

  22. My nieces got an Easy-Bake Oven a couple of Christmases back, they are still as crappy at cooking a brownie or a cookie as they were thirteen years ago when i had one. So we still ended up eating the gooey half cooked batter, and baking real brownies, in the real oven, just like the good ol’ days!

  23. I wanted this as a kid, and I’m a man.

  24. I had a real meal oven which was the same thing from the easy bake company and it was blue, but that was like in 2004 so idk if they wud have had them when u were a kid

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