#44 Johnny Bravo Would’ve Been Perfect For The Jersey Shore.

The similarities between Mr. Bravo and some cast members of The Jersey Shore are uncanny. He shared the same narcissistic personality as The Situation. How so? Well, they both spend a good portion of their spare time flexing and vocally admiring their own physiques. In addition they both love to hit on a variety of women, sometimes aggressively which often times results in rejection. Then he’s got that flashy, stiff, gelled blond hair that gives DJ Pauly D’s updoo a run for its money. He sports the tight, form fitting shirts, wears shades and sadly, still lives at home with his mother, much like Vinny. Perhaps Johnny Bravo had the misfortune of being ahead of his time and for that reason, we shall call him: “The Unfortunate Situation”.


7 responses to “#44 Johnny Bravo Would’ve Been Perfect For The Jersey Shore.

  1. Typing “lol” isn’t enough, reading that literally made me burst with laughter.

  2. LOL. But “Johnny Bravo” is a Jersey Shore name all its own.

  3. this one made me smile 🙂

  4. To be fair, Johnny was able to use his sexually aggressive moves to win a girl…until it turned out she was a werewolf.

  5. I was a huge fan of Johnny Bravo as a kid, so when I came across this movie starring Brad Pitt I couldn’t help but notice the striking similarities:

    Turns out that Johnny Suede is indeed the inspiration for Johnny Bravo. Not necessarily Oscar winning material, but worth a watch… especially for that hair.

  6. Except Johnny was funny

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