#45 Weaver Was A Ginger, Female Version Of House

When Dr. Kerry Weaver made her debut, ER was in its second season, Hugh Laurie was auditioning for 101 Dalmations and House wasn’t even a manifestation in the mind of its creators. Anyone who watched even a little ER knows that Kerry Weaver is essentially Dr. House with red hair and a vagina. Like Dr. House, Kerry was physically disabled, evident by a limp and a crutch. In addition, Kerry Weaver was an abrasive and rude, yet highly skilled doctor – as is House. If that’s not enough, they’ve both been involved in a romantic relationship with a FEMALE co-worker. These similarities suggest that the characters House and Weaver are separated only by a Y chromosome.


5 responses to “#45 Weaver Was A Ginger, Female Version Of House

  1. I personally think that House is a combo of Weaver and Romano.

  2. Hmmmm… nah. Weaver was nicer than House by at least an order of magnitude. Tough as nails, yes, but she showed compassion and empathy more than a few times, once to the point of getting suspended by Romano. And somehow I can’t see House in as stable and healthy a relationship as Kerry and Sandy’s, never mind the child part of the equation.

    Why yes, I’m biased. And geeky. And probably overthinking this. 🙂 Fifteen-year ER fan ahoy, and I do *not* like House.

  3. ithinkyourewonderful

    Um – my mind? Blown by this realization.

  4. Dr. Kerry Weaver was also married to the illustrious Mr. Ernst of Hey Dude fame in real life. Two pillars of ’90’s TV together for life = amazing.

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