#46 We Salute, Salute Your Shorts.

They run, they jump, they swim & play, they row and go on trips! While there are only two seasons that consist of 26 total episodes, this shows greatness should not be overlooked. With a unique cast of characters that play off of each other well like Donkey Lips, Budnick, Sponge and Telly, this show was bound for success. Factor in a magnificent intro with one of the coolest Nick theme songs in existence and you’re talking about a classic. This show influenced me so much that around 8 years old I was making plans to attend summer camp as a teen. Unfortunately, dealing with bossy counselors and teenage drama is not nearly as much fun when you’re not watching it on Nickelodeon. Go figure.


13 responses to “#46 We Salute, Salute Your Shorts.

  1. hehe. I just posted about my favorite Salute Your Shorts episodes last week (http://www.thetalkingbox.com/2010/09/favorite-episodes-salute-your-shorts.html). I agree, it’s a very classic Nick theme song!

  2. You can still enjoy them in Rilo Kiley! One of the kids is their keyboardist and the lead singer is from Beverly Hills 90210, among other things. 90s child stars unite!

  3. Awful Waffle
    Awful Waffle
    AWFUL WAFFLE!!!!!!!!111

  4. two seasons? lies. no way it was that short. i just don’t buy it.

  5. I actually met Sponge.
    Tim Eyster came to my school’s two week freshmen orientation in the summer of 2004 after he lost his job as a flight attendant when the airline folded.
    I told him he was the first positive influence of being a nerd.
    It’s true.

  6. Anyone else remember Donkey Lips being on an episode of Singled Out on MTV? I’ll have to try to find it later.

  7. I have a Salute Your Shorts t-shirt with the show name on the front and Camp Anawanna on the back…..its my guilty pleasure t-shirt 🙂

  8. Another great Nick show! Wow how I miss old Nick! Does anyone remember Hey Dude? It was like a kids soap opera.lol

  9. Camp Anwananna we hold you in our hearts but when we think about you it makes me wanna fart! lmao! I couldn’t resist!

  10. hey dude was always one of my favorites! mostly because i had a crush on jake…

  11. I think Z.Z. was my first real celebrity crush. Man, did I ever have the hots for her.

  12. Reading this and these comments just made me feel a lot better about my memory! I thought that this show was like a vague dream that had a younger version of the guy in Rilo Kiley in it somehow. Thank you for reaffirming IM NOT MAKING THIS UP!

  13. Zeek the plumber…

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