#47 Him Is More Disturbing Now Than He Was Then.

Of all evil characters, Him is one whose name (or lack thereof) should be in the discussion of best villain ever. For starters, he’s Satan and that in itself is worth some value. Watching this flamboyant, cross-dressing devil with lobster claws express his extreme hate of the Powerpuff Girls has become more and more frightening. As a youngster, I found Him creepy but somehow he’s managed to make like a fine wine and get better with age. Mojo Jojo undeservingly received a lot of credit as the head nemesis to the Powerpuff Girls but in actuality, this guy was serious business. It was hard to understand Him then but now, I realize he was more than just a villain – Him was a DIVA. The type of villain who only drinks Fiji water and eats the finest meats and cheeses. Looking back, Him is a scenario in which we might actually see the devil wear Prada.


8 responses to “#47 Him Is More Disturbing Now Than He Was Then.

  1. OMG, I thought I was the only one who thought this. The Powerpuff girls was on two nights ago, and I almost lost it! Him was my favorite Powerpuff Girls villain.

  2. He was totally based at least in my mind off of Frank N Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and that was what made him awesome!

  3. it is creepy! I remember being a kid and wondering if that was suppose to be the devil dressed as a woman…hahahaha. love it ❤

  4. There is a Cartoon Network commercial with Scrappy Doo ranting, and he mentions kings and queens of the channel, and Him and The Red Guy from Cow & Chicken stop and look at him funny.

  5. I always wondered if he was an anti gay character???

  6. This guy seriously used to creep me out! It wasn’t until recently that I found out he dressed like a girl and is Satan. It hilarious how I never noticed this as a kid! 😀

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