#48 The Afro Painter Had A Name.

Everybody remembers seeing the older dude sporting a poofy, brown afro and speaking with a calm, soothing voice, right? He would paint beautiful landscapes and whatnot, often using little catchphrases like, “happy little trees” when referring to his work. Well, he was actually a ridiculously talented man named Bob Ross. As someone who grew up taking several art classes, I developed a huge appreciation for his art and to this day I remain a fan.. As a kid, I constantly watched him in awe — looking back I’m not sure if I was mesmerized by his fantastic art or his fantastic-er afro. Either way, Bob Ross was the man.


13 responses to “#48 The Afro Painter Had A Name.

  1. Yeah he was!
    Man his show was the only thing that could calm me down as a kid.
    I posted something to that effect on my facebook the other day and my buddy pointed out that you can get all of his shows on DVD. Brilliant investment!

  2. he still rocks my world. but now it’s even better to watch when i’m stoned.

  3. William Alexander would totally flatten Bob’s “happy little trees” with his “MIGHTY BRUSH”!!!

  4. There is a drinking game to his show. It makes it all so much better. xD

  5. Haha, yes. He was the Chuck Norris of painting.

  6. I liked this show so much growing up, I had my husband play episodes while I was in labor with our first child. Not so relaxing, then.

  7. Am I the only one who found him creepy as a child? He was far to calm all the damn time… and he has dead eyes.

  8. hahahha he was on the boondocks. they made fun of him.

  9. That man Was a genius in the world of art. Hell I wasn’t even and Art fan but I loved watching him when I was like, real little. He could create landscapes out of nowhere and he had just the nicest of voices. The man could very well have been Jesus. Atop that, I don’t know if anyone knows this, but there was a movie released in 2002 called Master of Disguise. One of the deleted scenes actually had a clip of the main character dressed as Bob Ross. It almost made me wanna cry.

  10. I really did watch Bob Ross. And not as a joke.

  11. Doug pretended to be him once.

  12. “mmm Yeah, isn’t that nice? Let’s paint some happy little trees next… ” xD haha!! I loved his painting show btw! amazing artist.

  13. I remember there was an episode when he said he had a little squirrel in his pocket. Turns out, he actually did!

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