#49 Community Is The Modern Day Saved By The Bell.

OK, so if you liked Saved By The Bell in your younger days and your sense of humor has evolved from corny to adult, then Community is MUST SEE TV. Do you miss Zack Morris? I did too until I met Jeff Winger (played by Joel McHale) who is a far smoother operator. In addition, Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs are funnier AND hotter than the cute but dull ladies of Saved By The Bell.  Did I mention that Donald Glover (my personal favorite) and Danny Pudi’s characters share epically hilarious exchanges that would put AC Slater and Screech to shame?! This show is especially good for those of us who are in college now and need a sitcom to unrealistically compare our lives too. In real life, “community college” is essentially the same as high school except you’re allowed to use “college ruled paper” without looking like a wannabe; the main difference between these two shows is about 18 years.


5 responses to “#49 Community Is The Modern Day Saved By The Bell.

  1. I AGREE. It’s pretty much the most fantastic show. This is like saved by the bell, but better by 93028390849 times. Believe me. These characters are so original. p.s I love this site.

  2. Seriously, this show is going to be canceled if more people don’t discover it and get on board. No joke, it is THE FUNNIEST show on network TV. Donald Glover and Danny Pudi’s back and forths are the best dialogs around. And I fully agree with Lauren, this site is absolutely amazing.

  3. I agree! I loveeee Community, and Saved by the Bell was my favorite show when I was like 6. Zach Morris was my first crush, haha.

  4. Wait, did anyone ever use anything BUT college ruled paper?

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