#50 Al Bundy Upgraded.

On the beloved show, Married With Children, Al Bundy was married to Katey Sagal. Now, Katey is not unattractive by any means, in fact, she’s a very pretty woman. That being said, Al Bundy moved on to bigger (by atleast 3 cup sizes) and better things in 2009. On the show, Modern Family Al has the unrealistic pleasure of being married to Sofia Vergara. In Katey Sagal’s defense, there aren’t too many people who Sofia Vergara ISN’T an upgrade from. The curves, the face and the accent make for an unbeatable combination that would give Angelina Jolie a run for her overrated money. Side note, Married With Children is one of those shows that I was too young to understand at the time but watching it now, I’ve found that it’s hilarious…


4 responses to “#50 Al Bundy Upgraded.

  1. I’d have to counter this by saying Katey Sagal also upgraded… from Al Bundy to Phillip J. Fry!

  2. My mom had a huge crush on a guy in high school named Branden Kelly so when I was born she liked the name and suggested it to my dad. For some reason, my dad thought she got the name from Married With Children and to this day, he tells people that he named after Al Bundy’s daughter. We just don’t have the heart to tell him that isn’t the meaning behind my name haha

  3. Haha true. I also was too young to understand that show but my older brother loved it so I was usually able to watch. I think it made me a little to wise for my age lol

  4. How is an annoying plastic looking idiot an upgrade from a hot, funny, sarcastic, ass kicking redhead?
    Grow up, Sofia Vergara is weak sauce. let`s hope her annoying ass get deported.

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