#51 The All That Original Cast Is Better Than The Current SNL Cast.

The first cast of All That was hilarious in every way. It allowed Kenan & Kel to showcase their versatility by playing a variety of characters, including Pierre Escargot and the Repair Man Man Man Man. In the process, it started the ”Good Burger” sketches that resulted in a classic full length movie. Then, Amanda Bynes’ (who joined in Season 2) portrayal of a ruthless, advice giving little girl in “Ask Ashley” sketches provided plenty of laughs. Throw in Lori Beth Denberg, Josh Server & company and you’ve got a magnificent cast of entertainers… Which is more than I can say for the past few years of Saturday Night Live which have been pretty brutal… Ironically enough, Kenan managed to find himself a gig on SNL and he is partly responsible for the shows lackluster performance.


11 responses to “#51 The All That Original Cast Is Better Than The Current SNL Cast.

  1. Damn straight!

  2. Truer words were never writ. I have been laughing silently to myself just scrolling through the blog post titles. Thank you for this. So much.

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  4. “Partly responsible for the shows lackluster performance?” Quite the opposite. His “What Up WIth That?” sketch is probably the only one that’s steadily entertaining. Which is amazing since they’re all pretty much the same.

  5. Totally agree with this & said it earlier today. However, I must say that Danny Tamborelli ruined All That for me & my friends back in the day.

  6. YES, YES, YES YES YES YES. I agree 100%. I was just watching some old Kenan & Kel episodes on YouTube recently, and was surprised to find out I still enjoy it after all these years. Some of it is blatantly over the top nonsense for the kids…but there’s a lot of clever jokes in the show, and Kenan & Kel had perfect comedic timing. I wouldn’t say Kenan is responsible for SNLs lackluster showings…I’d say the writers are. A performer can only take jokes that are given to them so far.

  7. This makes no sense to me. SNL has always been a hit or miss show. Some sketches don’t work, it’s as simple as that. It seems that it’s us pretentious 90’s kids are the only ones saying the current SNL cast is terrible. I’ve talked to plenty of old-timers who think this cast is better than the cast including Mike Myers. And there’s my two cents.

  8. Oh, no! You did NOT just go there. Kenan has been one of the best parts of SNL the past few years. If anything, he’s one of the main reasons (along with Lonely Island, TV Funhouse, and a few other actors) that the show still has any steam at all. The years between 06-08 were actually pretty damn good on a hit or miss basis.

    But I agree with the All That cast being better. They had so much a talent, and it’s a shame that with all that potential only Amanda and Kenan really made it big in the end.

  9. I could not agree more if I wanted too.

    Mad TV was even better than SNL today. SNL sucks! The 90’s crew of SNL was far better then the crap atcors they churn out on SNL (aside from Kenan Thompson who actually makes me want to watch SNL)

  10. I’ll agree about the original cast…but I disagree that Amanda Bynes was a positive addition. Katrina was cuter AND less annoying.

    Lori Beth Denberg is still my favorite though. Vital Information always made me laugh till my ribs hurt.

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