#52 Dee Dee Needed To Leave Dexter’s Sh*t Alone.

Don’t let the blond hair, blue eyes and pink attire fool you into believing that Dee Dee is a pleasant young lady. This pigtail wearing spaz was constantly sneaking into Dexter’s laboratory and stressing the poor boy genius out. I mean, all around she’s just an obnoxious little girl who has no respect for other people’s property. “Oooh, what does this button do?” she’d obnoxiously yell prompting Dexter to beg her not to press it. Of course, she would push it and it resulted in some type of mayhem and destruction. If I were her brilliant sibling I’d create some sort of time traveling device, go back to day Dee Dee was conceived and make sure my father had a condom handy.


5 responses to “#52 Dee Dee Needed To Leave Dexter’s Sh*t Alone.

  1. You’re telling me. Every time I watched Dexter as a kid, I wanted to punch Dee Dee’s lights out. D:

  2. I didn’t like to watch Dexter as a kid because he was so mean to his sister! If he’d just given her some buttons to press that were harmless, everything would’ve been fine! But of COURSE she’s going to press it if he says don’t! And he’s supposedly a genius…


  4. There was an episode where Dexter realized without Deedee destroying his stuff he wouldn’t be able to invent new and better things.

  5. Disliked Dexter but watched. . .

    @Cookie Yea, i watched that one too, he did actually go into the past didn’t he? I even remember one episode where, wanting an older brother, he turned Deedee into a guy and he was a jock who did the same as before

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