#54 Tamagotchis & Giga Pets Aren’t As Difficult As Children.

For a child, Tamagotchis & Giga Pets were more than enough responsibility. They needed to be fed, have play time, be cleaned up after, punished, praised, et cetera. Essentially, this was the preview to the movie for all of the girls and boys who now have babies. While care is required to maintain good health for one of these toys, real children are a whole new ball game. See, digital poop and virtual tears on an electronic toy can be turned off or thrown to the bottom of a toy chest but real kids require a little more care — unfortunately, some of the parents I’ve seen in action didn’t get that memo.


14 responses to “#54 Tamagotchis & Giga Pets Aren’t As Difficult As Children.

  1. I think I got a tamagotchi in a happy meal once, lol.

  2. But what if you were me circa 1997 and had 35 and wore them all on lanyards around your neck at all times and recognized all their individual beeps as they went off at roughly five second intervals? I don’t know, that seemed nearly as difficult as raising a children. I challenge you to do a study to compare.

  3. Dang, Jeanie. You were one of those? I was only ever allowed one. I remember at Day Care the teachers would make us keep them in the lockers where we weren’t allowed to play with them. Of course, we never listened and sneak off to feed and take care of our Tomagatchi’s.

  4. I still have three of my old tamagotchis with me, I just have to but new batteries. And I saw that some ppl sell this little cuties at anime conventions

  5. I fuckin cried when my tamogachi died

  6. hah I remember I had one tamagotchi that was a watch so you could wear it around and I would always have my mom take care of it while I was at school.

  7. My experience with my GigaPet was that it would be all fine and dandy until I went to bed, and then I would wake up to a dead virtual puppy. Granted I do not have a child of my own yet, but the ones that my friends have seem to be able to make it through the night without sprouting pairs of angel wings and needing to be reset…

  8. Never had either. Should I be sad or grateful for not having one die on me?

  9. Oh wow, i remember elementary school when they banned Tomagatchi pets from the school, so us kids wouldn’t get “distracted” from schoolwork. I was always so pissed when i would get get off the bus, run home, bust through the front door, drop my back pack, and frantically try to care for my pet before it… died… Which happened EVERDAY after school! :O

    I gave up on the pets after a few weeks of this… lol.

  10. I used to wear mine around my neck, and I would just put it under my shirt during school. But then some girl ratted me out, and I had to start keeping it in my pocket. One thing lead to another and it eventually went into the wash. I was crushed. I considered my tamagotchi a real pet and friend. ;_; I did get another one – there’s an easy way to cheat if you can’t take it to school with you. Just go to the time section and go into time adjust mode – time would stop for the tamagotchi

  11. I like how no one made mention of NanoPets. The late ripoff bastards.

  12. I had a pikachu one!!

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  14. I remember I had a dinosaur and a rabbit. the rabbit you had to get to grow up strong and then produce future generations. I remember in elementary school where everyone and I mean EVERYONE had these little things. Thanksfully they are back in stores today like Target!

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