#55 There Should Be An Amber Alert For Judy Winslow.

Judy was Carl and Harriette’s youngest child. For no apparent reason and with no explanation whatsoever, she suddenly disappeared from the face of the show. I would think I’m crazy and made her up in my mind but there are four seasons worth of footage that proves her existence. Now, I’m really disturbed because I have to question what type of parents and siblings the Winslows are. I mean, does anybody in that family care? A daughter and sister vanishes in thin air and nobody speaks a word about it? That’s awfully fishy. I personally think something shady went down and with Carl’s position in law enforcement, he could cover some things up if necessary. Just a conspiracy theory of mine. Remember the old ads that said “It’s 10pm, do you know where your children are?” Well, clearly the Winslow family makes an effort to ignore and disregard those public service announcements.


12 responses to “#55 There Should Be An Amber Alert For Judy Winslow.

  1. In “RL” she became a porn star. FTW or epic loss. Depends on where your lube is I suppose.

  2. In some episode, she was mentioned to have gone to boarding school in France.

  3. Jaimee Foxworth is a porn star. Carl would be ashamed… performer name is Crave. Enjoy!

  4. How about Steven Floyd on the Torkelsons? Same thing happened to him…well except for the porn star part…

  5. It’s Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.

    Okay, old reference. Chuck was the oldest Cunningham sibling on Happy Days. He was played by two different actors. Then he disappeared completely. Although they brought both Chucks back for the reunion show.

  6. “The combination of the character having little to do on the show, and Foxworth’s request for a raise in salary, caused producers to simply write her off the series after its 4th season. The character disappeared without explanation; In subsequent episodes, the Winslows act as though Judy never existed, acknowledging only two children: Eddie and Laura.”
    ….so says Jaimee Foxworth’s Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaimee_Foxworth

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  8. It’s a reverse-Dawn (to use Buffy the Vampire Slayer terms; Dawn simply appeared through magic; maybe she simple disappeared through magic) or perhaps a full-family-Connor (to use Angel terms; Connor was placed with a family and his memory was retconned; maybe she was placed with another family and all of their memories were retconned). I’m going with the magical explanation, personally!

  9. I remember when I was a wee little lassie asking my mom why Judy Winslow wasn’t on the show anymore. If I’m recalling correctly, she told me they didn’t want her anymore because she threw a fit in Wal-Mart. I think she was trying to tell me something…

  10. Not only that, but Harriet was replaced by someone who looks and acts nothing like here.

  11. The same thing happened on That 70’s show. During one of the first episodes Donna was mentioned as having two sisters, one of whom we actually see in one episode. All of a sudden she was an only child..

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