#57 Our Generation Is Responsible For The Phrase “Da Bomb”

It wasn’t the coolest lingo ever created but it sure beats “groovy” — sorry Marcia Brady. In case you don’t remember, “da bomb” was used to describe all things cool, awesome, dope, sweet, funky and/or fresh. I constantly hear people saying that “da bomb” is a dead phrase but it’s actually not completely obsolete. Nowadays, people say that something is “bomb”, for example: “That Taco Bell last night was bomb.” See, they dropped “da” and continue to use “bomb”. Sometimes they even replace “da” with the word “so”, for example: “That Taco Bell last night was so bomb.” See how that works? So “da bomb” is not dead, it’s simply on life support. Viva Da Bomb.


18 responses to “#57 Our Generation Is Responsible For The Phrase “Da Bomb”

  1. this is amazing i love the blogg!!!

  2. “Da Bomb” was the best play in NFL Blitz 64

  3. “Da Bomb” was the name of a club Keenan and Kel made in one of their most hilarious episodes. God I missed the 90s.

  4. Well another update to this is saying dabomb.com

    “that taco bell last night was dabomb.com”

    Use it…you know you want to

  5. No joke, one of our customers literally just said:

    “yessss, ur the bomb”

    haha In the words of Mr. Gene Wilder: “IT’S ALIIIIIVEEEEE!”

  6. as in ur blog is “bomb”

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  8. lmfao not dead, but on life support, wow that joke was bomb

  9. LoL BeCauSse ii”M Sooo “DA” BoMB…!!! ii”M “DA” BAQ…!! WwwOOOTTT WooooTT….!!!

  10. me friends and i still use a variation of “da bomb” in “bomb dot com”. Also, i still say “da bomb” whoever says that its dead needs to move to kansas where we have not quite left the 90s and are happy about it.

  11. “Da Bomb” has actually evolved into “the shit” in addition to something being “bomb.” This was brought about by the South Park-WWF era, in which stole our innocents as explained in a later post.

  12. Da Bomb is alive and well! It’s hiding out in a cave similar to Osama bin Laden, and like OBL, you’ll hear about him soon enough.

  13. I still use this phrase

  14. I actually use this phrase quite frequently. It’s one of my favs 😀 …Gotta love the 90s.

  15. I still say the bomb, I don’t say da though and never have

  16. Every time I make a comment I end up stuck on the page and can’t go back where I was!

  17. Little bit of revisionist history on this site. The phrase “Da Bomb”, or “The Bomb” was first used by seminal funk artist George Clinton with Parliament
    in the song “P.Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) in 1975.

    This was still popular street lingo into the 80’s when George Clinton, now solo from Parliament, released Atomic Dog in 1982

    Snoop Dogg, being an avid fan and 70’s style pimp, sampled this song on his debut album Doggystyle 1993 and revitalized the phrase for the 90’s and evermore.

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