#61 Space Jam Had A Pulp Fiction Reference.

There’s a quick part in Space Jam where Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam, donning black suits, white shirts and black ties, shoot out the teeth of one of the antagonist Monstars. While I was amused like most kids, I never truly understood what it was referencing. It wouldn’t be until about a decade later that I watched Space Jam and realized that the music, suits, guns and poses were in fact a tribute to the classic movie Pulp Fiction. Being that Pulp Fiction is one of the best movies of the 90s, it’s pretty awesome that they threw that in Space Jam. There are some other pop culture references in this movie and there’s even a shot taken at Disney when Bugs Bunny asks “What kind of Mickey Mouse organization would call a team ‘The Ducks’?” Space Jam is still awesome to this day and a few subtle jokes are just an extra incentive to watch. It also makes a good excuse when your roommate asks why you are constantly watching a children movie on your VCR.



11 responses to “#61 Space Jam Had A Pulp Fiction Reference.

  1. I haven’t seen Space Jam since I was a kid – looks like I need to remedy that!

  2. for basketball lovers: Eric Gordon, now LA Clippers All star candidate indiana u alum, played mike Jordan sons Marcus in the movie. The real marcus plays at ucf i think….. idk i freaked when i found that out

  3. Actually the “What kind of Mickey Mouse organization would call themselves The Ducks” is a swipe at both Disney and the University of Oregon, which, until late 2009, had a contract with Disney allowing the Oregon mascot, Puddles the Duck, to be officially associated, due to likeness, with Donald Duck. I don’t know the whole back story, but I’m assuming one of the writers was another PAC-10 alumni.

  4. Actually the duck comment probably doesn’t have much to do with the University of Oregon and probably more to do with the fact that in 1996 Disney owned and operated the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim NHL team (team was later sold and the name changed to just the Anaheim Ducks). They’d bought the expansion NHL team a year at the Mighty Ducks movie and named the team after that.

    It could also be homage to Wayne Gretzky as the original mickey mouse organization comment came from Wayne Gretzky. He called the New Jersey Devils a Mickey Mouse Organization after a game in 1984 where the Oilers (Gretz’s team at the time) beat them 13-4.

    The whole pac-10 alumni thing seems a bit far fetched…

  5. The word classic in front of Pulp Fiction really makes me feel old!

  6. I used to think that was a Men in Black reference, which is kind of strange given that MIB actually came out a year later. I guess I must have just not gotten it all the first few times I saw it.

  7. Insane movie Looney TUnes + Michael Jordan= GOLD

  8. “What kind of Mickey Mouse organization would call a team ‘The Ducks'”

    ….Maybe the “Mighty Ducks”? 😀

  9. Bill Murray: “You kick it back to the boy bunny. You take it to the hole n’ YOU dominate!”

    Michael Jordan: “Bill… Bill, we’re on defense!”

    Bill Murray: “Wooooooaaaaaah Ho hooooo… I don’t play defense.”

  10. Well I always thought that was a men in black reference. Turns out that wasn’t even out until a year after Space Jam.

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