#62 Breakfast Cereal Was An Important Part Of Life.

Before school, after dinner and every Saturday morning with cartoons – breakfast cereal was being consumed. To this day I still eat massive Jethro bowls of Fruit Loop but it’s simply not the same. The thrill is gone. Back then there was so much more to enjoy. You had the cheap ass prize inside the box, the crossword puzzle or maze on the back of the box AND the sugary milk to drink afterward. I mean, I actually judged kids based on what type of cereal they ate because I believed that your breakfast defined you. If you were a Frosted Flakes eater, you were an athlete. Trix, you were a spazz. Lucky Charms you were artsy. Cocoa Puffs/Cookie Crisp you were persuasive because my parents refused to believe anything flavored chocolate was a healthy part of a complete breakfast. And if you ate Cornflakes or Shredded Wheat you were lame because honestly, that cereal is for when you’re old and have to eat bland foods due to diabetes.


18 responses to “#62 Breakfast Cereal Was An Important Part Of Life.

  1. I always saw cereal as more of a snack. Usually I’d eat it while watching cartoons or playing video games. I still do that now.

  2. People I knew that ate Shredded Wheat were usually forced by their parents to eat that crap, and them, being the little butt sniffers they were, would pretend they actually enjoyed it. I personally ate Cocoa Puffs, because I guess I was a spoiled little brat. I also ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch, though, so I’m not sure what that says about me.

  3. So what about people who ate Fruit Loops?

  4. I remember being ECSTATIC when my parents would buy the packs of mini cereal boxes…my brother and I would fight over who got what.

    • Me too. When ever we would go visit my grandmother during the summer, my cousins, brother, and I would fight over those mini boxes all the time.

  5. My dad was awesome. My neighbor and I wanted to collect the pokemon toys in the Fruit Loops boxes, so my dad bought out a shelf of Fruit Loops in the store so the two of us could eat through the cereal for the toys. Eventually, the two of us figured out that we didn’t have to eat the cereal, we could just dig down into the box for the toys.

  6. I so ate Fruit Loops..like LA asked what does that say about us?

  7. I would appreciate it if y’all continue to purchase Kellogg’s cereal products. It supports the state of Michigan, and Michigan’s state economy is dying. This has been a public service announcement.

  8. My early childhood was the eighties with my adolescence in the 90s but one thing that remained the same until I left for college: COUNT CHOCULA! (even after the FDA ripped all the effing sugar out of it in the 90s.)

    P.S. F*** Michigan.

  9. the toys, oh the toys. We fought over who got the toy so much, my mom made a rule, saying we couldnt dig for it and that we had to patiently wait to see which cereal bowl it ended up in. Each and everytime one of us got the toy, there was that “fuck yes! .. suckers” moment haha I loved all cereals, from frosted flakes, fruity pebbles, french toast crunch, trix (remember the glow in the dark spoon that came in the cereal? that was my spoon haha), rice krispies (my sister would sneak a spoonful of sugar over top) to the sibling agreement of lucky charms.

  10. You will never ever relive the magic that was French Toast Crunch. ;_;

  11. i could swear i remember Apple Jacks being all orange. I was born in ’95 so I didn’t get to see the 90s as they happened, but I remember one morning in ’99 (had to be ’99… that was the year i moved from D.C to Maryland. i remember because shit was boxed up lol) I was sitting at the table waiting for my mom to bring me my bowl of my favorite cereal. When she put the bowl down and I was just about to dig in– WHAT IS THIS?? I saw GREEN pieces in my Apple Jacks. My 4 year old mind was blown.

    Unless my parents were horrible people and picked all the green ones out and constantly gave me an all orange bowl of Apple Jack every morning, I swear they were all orange xD.

    I do remember I got Pokemon pencil toppers. One was a Pichu and the other (I still have it) some kind of purple king cobra… I can’t remember the name for the life of me lol.

  12. Honey Combs!!!!

  13. captain crunch, apple jacks, honey nut cheerios and honey comb

  14. Love this website 🙂 my favorite cereal were/ and still is fruity pebbles

  15. Psssh. The cool kids obeyed their hunger and had Cheerios. Image is nothing.

  16. Chocolate shredded mini wheats are awesome! They’re chocolate flavored and they have real chocolate chips buried in the little wheat squares. Omg.

  17. Wha’ cha’ kno’ bout’ dat’ Golden Crisp wit’ the bananas (no monkeying around?) Make your pee smell delicious… Even that Strawberry Cream of Wheat during those col,’ Virginia, winter morns…

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