#63 The Ninja Turtles Never Used Their Weapons.

The Ninja Turtles managed to dominate all criminals and villains without ever really using their weapons to the maximum potential. As a unit, they were walking around carrying a combination of beatdown tools that consisted of katanas, sais, nunchucks and a bo staff yet they never stabbed or abused their opponents into surrendering. I suppose it was in the best interest of our innocent, youthful minds to keep the graphic violence away until the WWF Attitude Era in 1998. I’m just saying if you really wanted to rid the world of the likes of Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang and Technodrome you wouldn’t just stop their evil schemes and plots, you’d beat them within an inch of their lives and see if they ever misbehave again. It makes you wonder what the shell those turtles were thinking. HA! Get it? “Shell” instead of “hell”… Because they are turtles… You get it.


14 responses to “#63 The Ninja Turtles Never Used Their Weapons.

  1. cowabunga dude !

  2. lol Shell.

    But see, they have those weapons cause it scares the bad guys off. I think deep down they either were too nice to use them, or they never got the proper training. Or the television network they were on would’ve gotten a bunch of scathing letters from angry parents because their kids were influenced by the show and went around whacking people with a makeshift bo staff.

  3. of course the new one is just as bad with weapons. This happens to all cartoon heroes save power rangers. He-Man only used his sword to transform and block projectiles, Wolverine only cut innanamate objects with his claws, and the A-teams lack of accuracy was a trope on tv tropes. Plus the planeteers never seriously attacked eco-villians with their powers and weren’t even given the luxury of hand -to hand combat of any sort in most episodes, Spider Man couldn’t punch enemies in the Fox Kids version and Batman’s fighting skills where all over the place in his acclaimed cartoons first season. Now adays even R-rated fare like V for Vendetta and Equilibrium have bloodless deaths which resemble “T” rated video games. Plus networks view striking a woman as sexist where as Fox Kids used to have women fistfight with men on X-Men and Power Rangers all the time.
    Plus if a villian is signifigant even the heroes normal weapons will not dispatch them in the beginning.

  4. Hahaha, this cracks me up.

  5. Here’s what would happen if they do..

  6. They actually used them in the first episode when the Foot Soldiers were robots, but never after that because the Soldiers were turned ‘human’ and it was some crap about impressionable minds. 😦

  7. TheDotCommunist

    They actually did use them, in the original comic:


    Pretty screwed up stuff if you ask me.

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  9. Wrong, if they really wanted to rid the world of the bad guys, they’d kill them. End of story. Just like they killed Shredder in the original comics. I loved those comics back in the day.

  10. I just realized that and the Batman comment.

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  12. If you watch the episode “Leonardo Versus Tempestra” Donnie actually does use his bo to take out a non-human baddie. But I agree with the overall point, the turtles mostly stopped using their weapons after the pilot season. And it wasn’t just the OT; even in the movies, and to some extent, the 2K3 series, the use of weapons is rare.

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